Teads Studio

Our in-house creative studio, powered by data to drive results.

The internet is filled with overlooked, low-quality ads, as a result of creative assets that are not built for the digital environment.
The solution? To optimize creative for the joy, attention, and recall of the user.

Studio Ad
2/3rd of media effectiveness is driven by the creative
Source: Nielsen

Adapt your TV commercials for mobile

We are experts at recrafting assets built for TV, by developing mobile-centric creative executions that help increase brand lift metrics and campaign effectiveness.

Creative enhancements to meet KPIs

Obtain a suite of formats from your assets to be applied to any and all business objectives. We are experts at transforming assets to drive desired outcomes, whether it be VCR, CTR, dwell time, or viewability.

Creative Showcase

Discover some of our best creatives through the marketing funnel

Success Story

L'Oreal Logo
We are very proud of all the results we´ve been able to get with Teads. With Teads it´s so easy to develop different kinds of creatives, that we otherwise wouldn’t be able to develop and the performance is amazing.
Rogelio Chung
Media Manager, L'Oréal Spain

A creative approach driven by data

All of our creative enhancements are based on the data we have collected over the past decade on what makes users engage. We are constantly testing, learning, and discovering how to delight users and leave a lasting impression.
We also align our data/audience strategies for every campaign with creative, to produce more personalised & relevant messages to target groups.

Dynamic creativemade simple

We are experts at personalizing advertisers’ creatives so they easily adapt based on dynamic signals like time, location, weather, device or audience segment. Drive sales lifts & foot traffic through smart messaging that is one step ahead.

Shoppable and E-commerceAPI partnerships

Move consumers closer to cart with shoppable solutions, including native Basketful and Amazon integrations..

l’Atelier & Creative workshops

Save time on creative validations by producing ready-to-run creative in one session. Our l’Atelier & Creative workshops allow advertisers to see their assets come to life in real-time, with creative strategists guiding a custom-creative tailoring session.

Creative testing

Understand which elements of your creative resonate with your target audience on a digital device. Our creative testing allows us to isolate the best performing elements of creatives to drive optimal results.

Teads Awards

Teads Studio shows our ability to adapt existing brand assets into digitally-native ads that deliver business outcomes in unique and imaginative ways. The Teads Awards bring advertisers and agencies together to honor the best creative adaptations across multiple industries in the categories of Video, Display and Ateliers (creative workshops).

Judged by a prestigious panel of marketeers, the Awards are a celebration of the mobile-first creativity from around the world.

Teads Awards Creatives Wall