Brand Safety Policy

Teads is fully committed to providing a brand-safe marketplace that advertisers can trust. We have a multi-layered approach to ensure the safety and quality of our campaign delivery across the Teads inventory. The steps taken are outlined below.

Publisher Vetting Process

The Teads publisher team is our first line of defense. We are protective of our premium marketplace and thus have strict terms and conditions that publishers have to meet in order to be approved as a Teads inventory source.

We have direct integrations with publishers and Teads’ Account Managers are tasked with monitoring the publishers’ property or properties to ensure the content adheres to our guidelines.

To combat disinformation and hate speech, our publishers vetting process also incorporates independent third party rating systems to identify low credibility sites.

Brand Safety Filters

For campaigns managed directly on behalf of our clients, by default Teads applies third party verification tech filters to avoid content identified as high-risk based on standard brand safety categories; these include but are not limited to: Adult, Crime, Terrorism, Injury and Death (including when in conjunction with content about epidemics and pandemics), Military Conflict, Online Piracy, Hate Speech, Obscenity, Illegal Drugs, Alcohol.

The level of brand safety protection can be increased to also exclude lower risk content based on the brand’s requirements.

We also offer and encourage the use of these filters to clients using Teads buying interface on a self-serve basis.

We can replicate a similar brand safety targeting for campaigns managed by the clients (programmatic PMPs) at their request.

In addition to the standard brand safety controls, Teads also offers custom brand safety / brand suitability solutions through 3rd party technology providers, to avoid content deemed inappropriate by specific brands, if requested by the client.

Independent Verification

Teads allows the use of third-party verification tags, for clients wanting to validate the brand safety of the impressions delivered by their campaigns.

Industry Recognition

Teads was among the first companies to be awarded the Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG) Brand Safety Certified Seal for our Global Operations, through independent validation by third-party auditors.

We were among the first 10 companies to be certified for Gold Standard 2.0 by IAB UK.

Teads also achieved the TAG “Certified Against Fraud” seal for our Global Operations through independent audit.

Takedown policy

If a presumed brand safety breach has occurred and Teads is notified in writing (please get in touch with your point of contact) during weekdays, Teads will take down the misplaced ad within 24h local time; if the written notification is received during weekends or holidays, Teads will take down the misplaced ad by 12pm local time on the following business day.

Self-serve publishers are able to pause the delivery of the ads by logging onto the Teads Publisher Suite platform.

This Brand Safety Policy may be updated at Teads’ discretion from time to time and without notice.

Last update: March 2021