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The High-Quality Reach & Attention your Ads Deserve

In the digital landscape, reach often comes at the expense of quality. Teads has brought together most of the world’s best publishers on a single platform, to deliver mass reach for advertisers in high quality environments.
Reach over 1.9 billion people every month.

Put your Ads in the Spotlight


Guarantee your Results

That’s why we allow you to pay only for completed views. 4x more cost-efficient than social video ads*

In the attention economy, higher attention translates to better impact on sales lift.*

Success Story

Pernod Ricard Logo Dark
The cooperation with Teads helped us to transport the unique values of Absolut Vodka into the digital world and enabled our consumers to engage with and experience the brand.
Matthias Lindner
Senior Digital Manager, Pernod Ricard

Control your Brand Safety

Teads delivers ads in professionally-produced content with strict editorial reviews. Beyond this, we provide advertisers with granular capabilities for brand safety and brand suitability. We work with many of the most demanding brands in the world to ensure the integrity of their brand isn’t compromised.

Effective targeting at scale in the cookieless era

Welcome to the era of consumer privacy. Teads has built advanced cookieless capabilities enabling advertisers to leverage Predictive Audiences and Advanced Contextual targeting that consistently demonstrate advertising effectiveness at scale.

Leverage our catalog of over 100 cookieless audience segments and create deep alignment between your ad and its context.

Optimize your existing creatives

Most video ads are still created for the TV screen. At Teads, we have built creative technology and deep design capabilities that we put to use to test and optimize your creatives assets for the mobile world.

Effortlessly repurpose social assets

Sometimes it’s critical to get campaigns live in minutes, that’s why we have developed the ability to repurpose your assets for social platforms in just a few clicks. See how the same assets can garner 4-6x better performance than they do in a newsfeed.

Deep audience insights

Our platform offers deep insights that enable advertisers to understand what their audiences are interested in, where they spend time and how to target them more effectively. Many of these insights are based on cookieless signals that can be activated in the privacy-first era.