Financial Products Specific Guidelines

Financial Products Specific Guidelines

General Restrictions

All advertisements must comply with local laws, regulations and requirements in the territory where the advertisement shall be displayed.

All content must clearly identify the advertiser and the product being promoted.

All linked landing pages must clearly disclose that it is an advertisement and identify the product clearly.

All content and landing pages must include risk notices or disclosures regarding the fact that persons are being asked to make an investment or purchase and that there is a risk that the person may lose money.

All accreditation or endorsement language must be true, must have permission from the accreditor/endorser, and must include a link to such third party.

All fees must be clearly disclosed in the advertisement and landing page and must not have any hidden fees.

Advertisements must not make, at any time, any false promises or include language regarding ease (i.e. fool proof, low risk).

No dollar amounts may be included at any time, even if such dollar amounts are based on a true event or are facts.

No implication may be made to the fact that the product being promoted can ease financial difficulties or provide wealth or financial independence.

No images of wealth or status symbols may be used in any advertisement (i.e. expensive cars, yachts, mansions, or other markers of an extravagant life).

Advertisements may not be targeted at minors, depict minors or use elements that may attract minors.

Countries Restrictions


Any advertisement for a financial product must include: advertiser name and address; tax identification number; financial total cost; applicable annual interest rate; repayment system applicable to cancellation of capital and interests; number, amount and periods of payment; security deposit, if applicable; and extra charges and additional insurance required, when applicable.


Promotion of investment products is not permitted at any time. This includes stocks, options, binary options, foreign exchange markets, futures, bonds, mutual funds and money market investments.


No advertisements for credit card cash back offers shall be allowed at any time.


Advertisements for: mortgage refinance products, investments in real estate, health insurance products, credit cards and insurance products shall be allowed.

Advertisements for any other investment products, including but not limited to: stocks, options, binary options, foreign exchange market investments, bonds, mutual funds, money market investments and diamond investments, shall not be permitted at any time.


Advertisements for credit cards shall be allowed if the product is registered with the Consumer Credit Industry Association and the advertisement displays the registration number on the linked landing page.

Advertisements for specific financial institutions shall be allowed only if there is a valid registration number displayed on their landing page and website.

Promotion of credit card cash back products and black market financing shall be strictly prohibited.


In order to accept advertisements for foreign investment products, the advertiser must provide proof of valid registration with the pertinent authorities.


Advertisements for investment products, including but not limited to: stocks, options, binary options, foreign exchange market investments, futures, bonds, mutual funds, money market investments and diamond investments, shall be strictly prohibited at all times.


Advertisements for money lending services may only promote loans from banks, financial institutions, licensed pawnbrokers or advertisers lending money to accredited investors for securities.


Advertisers for investments products must provide proof that the product is registered with the governmental entity that regulates such product.

United Kingdom

Financial advertising content must be clear, fair and not misleading.

Any advertisement for financial services must be clearly identified as an ad.

All advertisements must be accurate and identify any prominent or relevant risk.

All financial advertising must be presented in a way that is understandable by the average member of the group to which it is directed.

Advertisements cannot disguise, omit, or hide important information or warnings to be allowed on the Teads Inventory.

Must ensure that where there is a comparison or contrast, the comparison or contrast is presented in a fair and balanced way and is meaningful.

Any advertisements for financial services must use plain and intelligible language, is easily legible or clearly audible, specifies the name of the person making the communication or the person on whose behalf the financial promotion is made.

Advertisements must not state or imply that credit is available regardless of the customer’s financial circumstances or status.

If the advertisement includes an APR, it must be shown as “%APR” and variable or representative, when applicable.

If the financial promotion requires a security the promotion must state that the security is or may be required and specify the nature of the security.

United States

Advertisements for investment products are strictly prohibited.