Cryptocurrencies Specific Guidelines

Cryptocurrencies Specific Guidelines

General Restrictions

Teads allows the promotion of certain cryptocurrency products on their inventory. These will include products that allow crypto currency mining and cryptocurrency exchanges. However, these ads may not be misleading, scams, deceptive, make any monetary claims, or have hidden fees.

For cryptocurrency mining promotion, explicit user consent must be obtained before the advertiser enables the product.


Teads shall not allow at any time any Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), Token Sales, Binary Options or any aggregators that compare crypto coins or related products.

Allowed Countries:

United States

Any advertiser promoting allowed cryptocurrency ads must be licensed with the appropriate regulatory authority in the United States (FinCEN or Money Transmitter License).

Must not refer to any particular coin.

Must include the necessary disclosures to convey the inherent risk of trading cryptocurrencies.

For any other countries, the advertisements will be approved on a case by case basis.