June 30, 2016

Why context is key for effective ads

Engaging with users using video advertising is important, but what is the true impact of the format?

While mobile video advertising has boomed, little is known about user behaviour on this device. Recent PageFair analysis found that there are nearly twice as many people blocking ads on smartphones as there are on desktop.

So how do we get this mobile advertising experience right?

To investigate, Teads used mobile eye trackers to analyse online browsing behaviour and reactions to see how users engaged with ads. Check out the study in action here.

Looking at three different context environments – social newsfeeds, video platforms and premium publisher websites – we investigated engagement, dwell time, purchase intent and other key KPI’s to see how each was affected.

The results indicate that premium environments and context are key for effective video advertising, driving higher dwell time and viewability.

However, longer exposure to video doesn’t guarantee stronger ad impact. Nearly 9 in 10 users view the skip button while watching skippable pre-roll instead of the advert itself.

Download the one-pager for further insights and suggestions for mobile video ad optimisation.


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