September 22, 2015

Prioritizing The User Experience With Teads at IAB MIXX


With more intrusive advertising units on the internet, a wave of users have downloaded ad blockers to avoid ad campaigns that frustrate their online experience. This phenomenon is damaging the revenue streams of many digital publishers, and further complicating how brands construct their online advertising strategy.

Despite the outpouring of ominous headlines about the rise of ad blockers, a solution to the trend remains sight: advertisements do not have to disrespect the online user experience in order to be effective. It’s in this spirit that Teads has designed all of its outstream ad units to be viewable-by-design, empowering users with the choice to skip, engage with, or complete the video ad. 

Our passion for creating advertising formats that complement the online experience is why we will be hosting a workshop at IAB MIXX this year titled ‘It’s About the User Dammit!’ This workshop will educate the industry on the inherent value of building out an advertising strategy that’s efficient and user-friendly. Led by Teads’ President, North America Jim Daily, this workshop is open to all attendees at this year’s IAB MIXX.
We’d love to see you at the this timely and informative workshop, located at the Crowne Plaza in Times Square at 12:15 PM.

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