November 20, 2015

Teads Partners with Secret Media to Unlock Ad-blocked Native Video Ads

New York and London – November 19, 2015 – Teads, the global leader of native video advertising and a monetization platform for publishers, and Secret Media, the pioneers in anti-ad-blocking technology, today announced their global partnership to unlock native video ads currently removed by ad blockers.

The anti-ad-blocking capability will be deployed on Teads’ global network of premium publishers, which includes Bonnier Corp., The Telegraph, The Guardian, Le Monde, Die Welt, La Repúbblica and Nikkei amongst many others.

“The rise of ad blockers has been a growing concern for the publishing community,” said Sean Holzman, Chief Digital Revenue Officer at Bonnier Corp. “We welcome this initiative from Teads as we are already seeing a number of visitors with some form of ad blocking. We believe these new advertising formats can go a long way in helping to improve Bonnier’s site experience for our users.”

Teads’ partnership with Secret Media will unlock Teads’ inRead and inBoard native video advertising formats, which are inserted inside articles and other editorial content. Teads’ native video formats, available on smartphone, tablet and desktop, are opt-in units that users can choose to watch or to ignore. They are user-friendly formats, skippable from the first second, while the sound is activated and controlled by the user.

The partnership will result in a very significant uplift in video advertising inventory for the thousands of publishers using Teads’ SSP technology all over the world. The increase in inventory could represent up to 60% in those countries where ad blocking technology is the most widely spread, such as Germany (the home country of Eyeo, publisher of Adblock Plus).

Pierre Chappaz, Teads Executive Chairman, commented: “We have been talking to Eyeo who admitted that our native video advertising formats offer a much better user experience than non-skippable pre-roll ads, but their guidelines do not accept any video ads at all. I must say that their vision of the Internet is rather obsolete considering video is a huge part of where the media industry is heading. Thus, we turned to Secret Media whose technology will allow us to support publishers in their quest for user-friendly advertising formats capable of generating significant additional revenues on desktop and on mobile.”

Secret Media’s technology will make it virtually impossible for ad blockers to identify Teads’ video ads. Frederic Montagnon, CEO, said: “Teads’ formats are among the most valuable for advertisers while respecting the user’s choice. We are happy to support Teads and help advertisers gain additional audience reach, while empowering publishers to regain revenue. We believe that focusing on skippable video ads, leaving aside banners and non-viewable impressions, is the answer for users who are inundated with intrusive advertising.”

Teads recently launched its Advertising Matters campaign to help educate the industry on the importance of improving the state of online advertising. In addition to providing insights into ad blocking and consumer’s understanding of how content online is funded, the company has also created a manifesto for sustainable advertising that offers 10 steps to engaging, not enraging, users. Download the manifesto here.



 About Teads

Teads, founded in 2011, is the global leader of native video advertising and a global monetization platform for publishers. Publishers work with Teads to create brand new video inventory and manage their existing inventory, monetizing it through programmatic buying, their own sales force, or third parties.

Teads’ native video advertising solutions encompass a series of formats inserted deep into media content, like the inRead playing inside articles. It is changing the game within the video advertising market by creating unprecedented levels of premium inventory, which did not exist before.

Brands and agencies can access this top-tier, premium inventory, available on the web and on mobile, through programmatic or managed services. Through its managed services capabilities, the Teads team execute on their clients behalf using its platform.

Teads has a team of over 400 employees, 100 of which are in the innovation team, across 26 offices in 18 countries.


About Secret Media

 Secret Media, launched in 2014, is the pioneer of anti ad-blocking video technology. The company is reshaping the ad-supported business model to better address users’ needs while simultaneously restoring revenue, reach, and engagement.

Publishers and advertisers alike call upon Secret Media to assist in the creation of a new advertising experience for ad block users, centered around video. The patent-pending technology allows video to be served to ad block users, thereby monetizing valuable ad blocked inventory and creating a new value exchange between digital publishers and internet users.

Secret Media is New York-based with an R&D office in Paris, France.



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Secret Media
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