June 6, 2016

Teads Launches Industry’s First-Ever Programmatic Outstream Video Accreditation Program

Outstream Inventor Will Provide Advertisers, Agencies and Trading Desks With In-depth Educational Series For Buyers to Become Experts in Planning and Buying Outstream Video

New York, NY – June 6, 2016: Teads, the inventor of outstream video and the number 1 video advertising marketplace in the world, today announced it has established a brand new accreditation program to equip media buyers with the latest turnkey knowledge and training in outstream video advertising, one of the fastest growing advertising solutions in the market. According to a recent Teads survey, nearly 70% of brand professionals agree outstream will grow significantly over the next two years.

Teads invented outstream, an in-article native video solution, to address the lack of premium video inventory available in the industry and deliver more creative ads that are better positioned to attract the attention of consumers. Unlike pre-roll, which is a forced and intrusive advertising experience, outstream ads reach consumers on premium editorial websites in a user-friendly way. Teads’ outstream video marketplace brings together both quality and scale, reaching 1.2 billion unique users on the best media sites. All publishers on the marketplace have a direct contractual relationship with Teads using Teads’ outstream ad server and SSP so there is no 3rd party supply.

With the outstream accreditation program, Teads will leverage its deep expertise and vast knowledge of how best to optimize outstream campaigns to ensure advertisers are well-equipped to handle the unique requirements which must be taken into account when planning and buying the format.

Paul Richardson-Owen, SVP, Global Lead at Dentsu Aegis, said, “Outstream has fast become an integral part of the video ecosystem, however as we’ve seen time and time again, growth and utilization of new mediums far outpaces a common understanding of best practices and for that reason I look forward to seeing the positive impact Teads’ program has in driving both standardization and increased effectiveness.”

“Outstream is the fastest growing category in video advertising,” said Joshua Lowcock, EVP, Digital, U.S., UM. “However, there’s still a need for further education and insight into how best to optimize outstream campaigns to ensure this format is being used most effectively. Teads’ new accreditation program will help fill a knowledge gap in the industry and go a long way towards creating standards for this innovative format. We look forward to participating in this program and our teams will benefit from Teads’ expertise in planning and buying outstream video.”

The hands-on, educational program can be accessed through a half-day training session and will result in an outstream video certificate. Teads will provide in-depth training to agencies and trading desks to cover how outstream fits into the overall media mix, how to read and evaluate outstream metrics compared to other video formats, step by step instructions on how to buy outstream programmatically via your DSP, and the latest video insights and case studies from the number 1 outstream provider in the world.

Tim Libby, SVP – Group Director, Starcom, said, “Outstream video has become an integral part of our media mix over the past year but the industry is in a constant state of flux. The more resources my team has to fully understand this evolving space, the better we can service our clients. To that end, there is a clear value to Teads’ accreditation program because it will serve as an education module for us in an explosive online video space that is still fairly new.”

“Due to the rapid growth of outstream video, the industry is now at a pivotal position whereby they need to understand the opportunities provided with this premium, user-friendly solution,” said Bertrand Quesada, CEO of Teads. “As the inventor of outstream video, we are leading the charge to provide educational resources to the advertising industry which will help agencies maximize the value of this solution and ultimately help bolster outstream’s growth within the video sector.”

To get involved with Teads’ Programmatic Outstream Video Accreditation Program, please visit: http://teads.tv/teads-programmatic-outstream-video-accreditation/.



About Teads

Teads, founded in 2011, is the inventor of outstream video and the number 1 video advertising marketplace in the world. Publishers work with Teads to create brand new video inventory and manage their existing inventory, monetizing it through programmatic buying, their own sales force, or third parties.

Teads’ native video advertising solutions encompass a series of formats inserted deep into media content, like the inRead playing inside articles. It is changing the game within the video advertising market by creating unprecedented levels of premium inventory, which did not exist before.

Brands and agencies can access this top-tier, premium inventory, available on the web and on mobile, through programmatic or managed services. Through its managed services capabilities, the Teads team execute on their clients behalf using its platform.

Teads has a team of over 450 employees, 100 of which are in the innovation team, across 26 offices in 18 countries.

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