April 27, 2015


 10 of the UK’s biggest premium publishers adopt innovative new online video
ad format
 70% of UK internet users now reachable via Teads network
 Surge in demand for video ads from brands
 Massive boost to Teads’ premium inventory
London and New York27th April 2015  Today, Teads announces that ten of the UK’slargest publishers, with a combined reach of 615 million consumers worldwide, have begunusing the innovative new inRead® format to display video advertising across their sites. Thismeans Teads campaigns can now reach 70% of UK internet users, according to the latestcomScore figures1.
The news comes as the number of brands launching video advertising campaignsurgesand publishers seek to create new video ad inventory to fulfil the demand. The UK onlinevideo advertising market grew by 43% to £442million in 20142 and is forecast to be worth£961m in 20163.
Premium publishers backing the inRead format for the first time, or extending their use of itacross their sites, include:
 National news outlets: The Guardian, The Daily Telegraph, The Independentand the
London Evening Standard
 Lifestyle publishers: Condé Nast, Future Publishing; and ImmediateMedia
 Regional publishers: Johnston Press and Localworld
 Business publishers: Haymarket; Ziff Davis Dennis Publishing 
According to Ofcom, over half of UK adults used the internet to read or downloadnewspapers or magazines in 2014, rising to 73% among the 25 to 34 year old group4.
Advertising on such sites is attractive to brands that want the security that their video ads willsit safely within a premium, high quality environment that is relevant to their audience
Teads’ inRead is an outstream video advertising format developed for desktop and mobiledevices. It represents a complete break away from traditional online video advertising, whichhas typically focused on ‘instream’ formats such as preroll and which is often plagued withproblems of viewability, lack of inventory and damage to the user experience.
A recent Nielsen study revealed that Teads’ inRead format outperforms skippable prerollformats across a range of metrics, including purchase intent and brand favorability5. Forpremium publishers, this format not only unlocks valuable inventory on their websites, butalso provides the quality brand experience their readers demand.
The inRead format places video advertising within the editorial content of a publisher site,positioning the video unit within two paragraphs of an article. When the user scrolls downand sees the video unit, inRead emerges and serves the video advert. By sitting outside ofthe video player, inRead dramatically increases the amount of premium video advertisinginventory available. inRead’s Cost Per View billing is also triggered only after minimumviewing time, meaning advertisers only pay for completed views.
Bertrand Quesada, CEO, said, “Teads prides itself on working with the industry’s mostforwardthinking publishers and we’re thrilled to add publications of this quality to thegrowing list of premium sites using Teads’ outstream technology. Our inRead format deliverstremendous scale for publishers and allows them to open up new premium video advertisinginventory for brands. We remain focused on bringing an end to the viewability questions inthe video advertising industry by offering formats that are actually visible to consumers.”
Lee Fels, Head of Mobile and Video at Guardian Media said, “We’re very happy to beextending the availability of the inRead format across our sites, following successful trials.The format is popular with advertisers and, critically, doesn’t compromise the userexperience in any way.”
Nicole Holtsmark, Head of Programmatic Trading & Audiences at The Telegraph said, “Wehave seen a huge increase in advertisers wanting to run video campaigns across our sites,but just offering preroll limits our ability to service this demand. inRead is an elegant solution allowing us to create new inventory from our existing high quality content and driveincremental revenues.”
Notes to editors
1. comScore Key Measures report March 2015
2. Source: IAB Digital Ad Spend 2014 
3. Source: Enders Analysis, December 2014
4. Over half of all adults (55%) used the Internet to read or download the news,
newspapers or magazines in 2014Adults aged 25 to 34 reported the highest level ofuse in some of the activities surveyed, in particular daytoday activities such assending emails (86%, along with the 35 to 44 age group) and reading or downloadingonline news, newspapers or magazines (73%).
5. Nielsen Teads ad format brand study  December 2014
About Teads
Teads, founded in 2011, is the inventor of outstream video advertising and a globalmonetization platform for publishers. Publishers work with Teads to create brand newvideo inventory and manage their existing inventory, monetizing it through programmaticbuying, their own sales force, or third parties.
Teads’ outstream video advertising solutions encompasses a series of formats inserteddeep into media content, including articles, slideshows and newsfeeds. It is changing thegame within the video advertising market by creating unprecedented levels of premiuminventory, which did not exist before.
Brands and agencies can access this toptier, premium inventory, available on the weband on mobile, through programmatic or managed services. Through our managedservices capabilities, the Teads team execute on their clients behalf using its platform.
Teads has a team of over 400 employees, 100 of which are in the innovation team,across 26 global offices.
Media contacts: 
Nicole Matthews nicole.matthews@teads.com 4083864244
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