November 26, 2014


London – 26th November 2014 – Last night, Teads, an enterprise software company specialising in video, was awarded Best Technology at this year’s IPA Media Owner Awards. The honour recognises Teads’ inRead outstream video advertising format as the most significant innovation in online advertising technology this year.


At a ceremony at The Bloomsbury Ballroom, London, Teads won the highly competitive category which also included nominations from Google, ITV and Specific Media. The prestigious award firmly cements Teads’ reputation as a global leader in technology for online video advertisers and premium publishers.


Teads’ inRead is an outstream video advertising format developed for desktop and mobile devices. It represents a complete break away from traditional video advertising, which has typically focused on ‘instream’ formats such as pre-roll and which is plagued with problems of viewability and lack of inventory.


The format places video advertising within the editorial content of a publisher site, positioning the video unit within two paragraphs of an article. When the user scrolls down and sees the video unit, inRead emerges and serves the video advert. By sitting outside of the video player, inRead dramatically increases the amount of premium video advertising inventory available reducing the necessity for costly video production.


The biggest challenge facing video advertising is viewability. inRead is view-to-play, which means it only plays when the unit is visible on the screen and pauses when less than 50% in view. Advertisers pay for inRead on a cost per view basis, meaning that any views which are skipped or not completed are not charged. In comparison, 77% of non-premium pre-roll and 51% of premium pre-roll are not viewable1, yet still paid for by advertisers. The format is also unintrusive. It is skippable from the first second so only attracts engaged views.


To date, inRead has been adopted by over 500 premium publishers worldwide, including The Guardian, Forbes, The Financial Times, The Telegraph and Vogue. Large media owners Viacom, Local World, IDG, Terra and Future have also embraced the format. Brands already using inRead include Evian, Nivea, Bentley and Gucci.


Chief Operating Officer, Christophe Parcot, who collected the award, commented: “We’ve worked hard to create the first video format that is viewable by design and it’s hugely rewarding to be recognised for this by the wider industry. inRead is a massive leap forward in solving the issues that have previously concerned advertisers, brands and publishers alike. We’re confident it will help our industry fulfil its growth potential, as more brands switch TV marketing budgets to targeting consumers with engaging and viewable video.”


Judge, Paul Davison, Head of Digital Trading, Amplifi – Dentsu Aegis Network, said: “Key topics within the industry currently are trust and transparency. The winner of Best Technology is a solution to viewability which gives advertisers confidence that their advertising’s being seen. It’s a worthy winner of this award.”

Download the press release here.



Notes to editors:


[1] Tubemogul: Viewability 2014


About Teads

Teads, founded in 2011, is an enterprise software company for video and digital branding, which operates a disruptive video advertising SSP (Supply Side Platform) for the benefit of the world’s leading publishers and brands. Publishers use its platform to create brand new outstream video advertising inventory, and monetize it through their own sales force, third parties or programmatic buying.
Prior to Teads, videos were distributed via instream formats like pre-roll. Teads’ outstream video advertising solutions encompass a series of formats inserted deep into media content, including articles, slideshows and newsfeed. It is changing the game within the video advertising market by creating unprecedented levels of premium inventory which did not exist before.
Brands and their agencies can access this highly premium inventory, available on the web and on mobile, through their agencies and agency trading desks to roll-out local and global campaigns. Programmatic or managed services are also available, allowing clients to set campaign objectives and have the Teads team execute on their behalf using its platform.
Teads has a team of 320 employees, 100 of which are developers, across 25 offices.

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