October 6, 2014

Ebuzzing & Teads rebrands to “Teads” and sets sights on global video ad technology market

• Change reflects central role of inReadTM format and programmatic platform in
driving global growth

• Teads video SSP (Supply Side Platform) adoption by the world’s leading
publishers unleashes a massive premium outstream video inventory

• Former Ebuzzing solutions are now directly managed within the Teads’
platform, as a Managed Services offering for Agency teams.

• Former Yahoo Europe director, Christophe Parcot, joins as Chief Operating

New York, October 6th 2014 – The Ebuzzing & Teads group today announces a change of
name to Teads and a full identity rebrand. The change marks the next phase of the
company’s growth, focused on creating a revolution in the video advertising industry with its
innovative video SSP that supports exclusive outstream video advertising formats, including
the flagship inReadTM.

The news follows the successful merger in March 2014 of Ebuzzing, one of the world’s
fastest growing providers of technology-driven video advertising solutions, and Teads, a
video ad management supply side platform (SSP) used by the world’s top publishers and ad

OKTeads invented ‘outstream’ video advertising formats. Unlike instream video advertising
which places video ads within video streams such as pre-roll, outstream video advertising
places video ads outside of the traditional video stream. For example, video content can now
be placed between two paragraphs of an article, between two images of a slideshow or in a
newsfeed on a smartphone.

The newly branded Teads is already a major player in the global video advertising market,
with more than 300 staff operating from 25 offices worldwide and revenues approaching
$100m in 2014, up more than 50% versus 2013.

Teads is capitalizing on the growth of online video, which is one of the fastest growing
advertising mediums, with overall industry revenue expected to hit $11.4 billion in 2016
(source: Magnaglobal). Fueled by the increasing demand for premium video inventory,
Teads’s outstream technology is being rapidly adopted by the world’s leading publishers
such as The Washington Post, Reuters, Forbes, Slate, Newsweek, The Financial Times, The
Telegraph, The Guardian, Le Monde, Le Figaro, Die Welt, La Repubblica, Corriere della Sera
IT, Conde Nast and Nikkei.

Executive Chairman of Teads, Pierre Chappaz comments, “Today, we launch the next
chapter of our phenomenal growth story. We’re on a mission to reinvent online video
advertising. Our outstream technology is a game changer, allowing premium publishers, who
place our ad formats inside their existing editorial content, to offer brand new and massive
premium video advertising inventory which simply did not exist at all before. At Teads, we are
committed to building the global leader for premium video advertising technology.”

Unlocking massive premium video inventory

The video advertising market lacks quality inventory, as the large majority of video content on
the Internet is produced by users, rather than by professional producers. Premium brands
are often reluctant to display their ads next to this kind of content. And professional video
content sites such as catch up TV offers very limited inventory (4% of the entire video
inventory available on the Internet).

Teads outstream advertising formats, including flagship inReadTM (see demo), fix this widely
recognized industry issue of the lack of quality inventory, as it allows the publishers to insert
video ads inside their articles rather than before video editorial, in an highly effective and
elegant way. Teads outstream formats are respectful of users, who are never forced to watch
the proposed ads.

Bertrand Quesada, CEO Teads, said, “Having partnered with the world’s leading publishers,
our outstream technology opens up new and unprecedented levels of premium video
inventory. As a result, Teads is the only player in the industry capable of rolling out online
video campaigns in the most quality environments on a global scale.”

Teads recently rolled out a global campaign for Breitling in partnership with leading media in
23 countries. Many other premium brands such as Samsung, Hyundai-Kia, Google,
Heineken and AT&T are working with Teads to deliver their global video campaigns.

Bringing an end to the industry’s viewability questions

The outstream advertising formats developed by Teads are the opposite of forced
advertising. Instead, Teads’ innovative formats allow users to engage with the ad if they
wish. If they are not interested, they can simply continue to read their article. Such an
advertising experience shows true respect for users, which is crucial for both premium
publishers and brands. It also ensures the highest level of engagement of users who opt to
watching an ad because they have a genuine interest.
On top of that, the revolutionary view-to-play concept of the inReadTM format, created by
Teads in early 2013, brings a definite end to the viewability questions which are rife in the
video advertising industry, as the video only plays when it is visible by the user.

SSP enables programmatic selling of video inventory

Teads has developed and built a disruptive Supply Side Platform (SSP) to help publishers
open up new outstream video advertising inventory and maximize their revenue from that
inventory, as well as from their traditional instream video advertising (pre-roll). The Teads
SSP allows publishers to sell their video inventory directly, indirectly via managed services
provided by Teads or other third parties, or programmatically via private marketplaces and
open ad-exchanges.

Teads Chief Strategy Officer (CSO), Loic Soubeyrand, explains, “Our SSP lets publishers
plug into the programmatic world to maximize revenues. Most premium publishers are doing
this via private marketplaces, giving advertisers the assurance that they’re buying quality
placements on quality sites. On top of that, inReadTM is viewable by design, bringing a
definite end to the industry’s viewability questions.”

New hires to help spearhead expansion

Teads has also strengthened its management team with the recent appointment of former
Yahoo! Europe director, Christophe Parcot, as its Chief Operating Officer. Parcot joined to
help accelerate the company’s global expansion. Parcot joins an experienced leadership
team including Executive Chairman Pierre Chappaz, CEO Bertrand Quesada, CSO Loic
Soubeyrand, CTO Loic Jaures, CFO Caroline Barbery, CMO Rebecca Mahony and VP
Technology, Managed Services Gilles Moncaubeig.

About Teads

Teads, founded in 2011, is an enterprise software company for digital branding, who
operates a disruptive video advertising SSP (Supply Side Platform) for the benefit of the
world’s leading publishers and brands. Publishers use its platform to create brand new
outstream video advertising inventory, and monetize it through their own sales force, third
parties or programmatic buying.

Prior to Teads, videos were distributed via instream formats. Teads’s outstream video
advertising solutions encompasses a series of formats inserted deep into media content,
including articles, slideshows and newsfeed. It is changing the game within the video
advertising market by creating unprecedented levels of premium inventory which did not exist

Brands and their agencies can access this highly premium inventory, available on the web
and on mobile, through their agencies and agency trading desks to roll-out local and global
campaigns. Programmatic or managed services are also available, allowing clients to set
campaign objectives and have the Teads team execute on their behalf using its platform.

Teads has a team of 320 employees, 100 of which are developers, across 25 offices.

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