June 25, 2014

Ebuzzing opens up premium mobile video inventory with inRead mobile

London – 25 June 2014 – Following the success of its inRead desktop advertising format, Ebuzzing announced today the launch of inRead Mobile.

inRead Mobile is the first outstream format allowing brands to target mobile users with video advertising. It dramatically increases the amount of mobile video inventory available to advertisers, giving them an alternative to other less engaging and expensive traditional formats such as pre-roll.

inRead Mobile will initially allow brands to target iPad users, the UK’s most popular tablet, with 60% market share1. The format will be extended to Android devices (including both smartphones and tablets) within weeks, and Ebuzzing is predicting that the format will further accelerate the booming UK online video advertising market, which grew 63% to reach £325m last year2.

The ability to target video advertising across mobile (smartphone and tablet) devices on premium sites at scale is a high priority for brands: mobile devices account for over half the time Brits spend online3, but there is a dearth of premium video inventory currently available. A third of UK consumers (18m) now own a tablet and almost six in 10 (57%) say it’s their ‘go-to’ device to surf the internet at home4. Two-thirds (66%) say it’s easier to go online using a tablet and second screening is growing in importance, with almost two-thirds (65%) using tablets while watching TV4.

The inRead format places video ads, typically between 10-15 seconds, in the heart of relevant editorial content. The video will play only when completely visible and when the device is connected to WiFi. As with inRead desktop, inRead Mobile guarantees advertisers that their messages are seen. The format’s Cost Per View billing is triggered only after minimum viewing time, meaning advertisers only pay for completed views.

inRead Mobile is especially important as just eight percent (8%) of skippable video ads are completed on mobile devices, according to the Mobile Marketing Association. Ebuzzing’s inRead Mobile has been developed to ensure that advertisers’ videos are 100% visible by only playing when the full video unit can be seen on mobile devices

As with inRead desktop, inRead Mobile guarantees advertisers that their messages are seen. The format’s Cost Per View billing is triggered only after minimum viewing time, meaning advertisers only pay for completed views.

Paul Coggins, VP Mobile, Ebuzzing, said: “Mobile is rapidly catching up with TV in terms of consumer media consumption – eMarketer data shows that time spent on smartphone and tablets now represents more than half of TV’s share of total media time in the UK5. Brands are very aware of this but until now there was little they could do, due to a lack of premium mobile video ad inventory and technical challenges. inRead Mobile changes this by letting advertisers serve video ads to premium publishers at scale.”

Better content monetisation for publishers

inRead Mobile will serve advertising to thousands of quality publishers in the Ebuzzing network, including the most premium media brands such as Local World, Haymarket and Viacom.

For publishers, inRead Mobile represents a more effective way to boost revenues, with the perfect video advertising format for text-based pages, creating additional video advertising inventory with high scalability and added value.

Coggins adds, “The reaction to inRead Mobile from premium publishers has been hugely positive. They are seeing consumers multiscreen with tablets and smartphones, for example whilst watching TV, and so want to offer advertisers a way to reach these consumers with high quality video ads on their mobile sites. inRead Mobile removes the headache of having to create new specific video content to support pre-roll: instead, publishers can let advertisers serve quality videos within their existing editorial.”

Download the full press release here.

Notes to editors:

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About Ebuzzing

Ebuzzing is a video ad platform that is solving one of the biggest problems in the industry, the lack of premium video inventory.  The company specializes in creating innovative video advertising inventory for publishers, at scale, and has invented the concept of ‘outstream’ video. Outstream advertising sees ads distributed within all types of content, and moves away from the forced, interruptive nature of pre-roll.

The company is currently present in the US, LatAm, Europe and Asia, working with many of the FORTUNE 500 brands. Ebuzzing rolls out its campaigns across its global publisher partners including Reuters, The Financial Times and Nikkei, leveraging its platform and focusing on innovative formats, contextual targeting and advanced analytics.

Ebuzzing’s turnover reached $70 million in 2013, and will exceed $100 million in 2014 (proforma numbers).


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