August 12, 2016

Brits will spend over 3.8 Billion hours reading about the Olympics online this summer.

Online editorial content offers huge opportunity for brands and advertisers looking to reach Olympics fans


LONDON, 3rd AUGUST 2016 – During the Olympics, Brits will spend 3.8 billion hours reading content about the Games online, equating to over half an hour every day (34 minutes). Research from Teads also reveals that even those who aren’t traditionally interested in sport plan to watch the Games in Rio (55%) which means there is a huge opportunity for brands to reach beyond the traditional sports audience this summer.


Furthermore, over three quarters (76%) of those less interested in general sports news say they will be reading Olympic articles this summer, on average 18 minutes every day. With recent research indicating that advertising in premium editorial articles increases consumers purchase intent by 27%, this bodes well for advertisers looking to reach their consumers.


The main reason behind people reading content online will be to find out results from the events they didn’t manage to catch live (58%) and nearly a third (29%) will be reading to make sure they improve their knowledge surrounding the events, such as who is the favourite to win or the current world record holder. Over a quarter (27%) say they’ll be reading online content simply to be able to keep up with conversations about the Olympics amongst colleagues or friends.


When it comes to individual sports, consumers are most interested in athletics (48%), followed by swimming (37%), gymnastics (30%), football (26%) and tennis (24%). Contrary to the rest of the population, generation Z are most interested in swimming at Rio (48%). Across all age groups, women are more interested in swimming (42%) and gymnastics (40%) than men.

Justin Taylor, MD UK, Teads said “With the BBC broadcasting the Olympic Games this year, advertisers are looking to digital channels to ensure their message is heard. Relevant online content created by premium publishers should be a natural target for brands, with consumers hungry to devour articles about the Olympics. With the ability to target consumers with outstream video ads both contextually and programmatically, premium editorial should be the format advertisers use to reach turn to in order to succeed this summer.”


“Delivering programmatically means that advertisers can have an ‘always on’ approach for their outstream video campaigns and, with the ability to target consumers contextually, premium editorial should be the format advertisers turn to in order to succeed this summer.”


The most popular sports British people will take an interest in at The Olympic Games in Rio

Whole sample Men Women 16-21 22-30 31-40 41-50 51-60 61+
Athletics 48% 51% 44% 43% 34% 48% 49% 57% 51%
Swimming 37% 32% 42% 48% 31% 36% 36% 41% 34%
Gymnastics 30% 20% 40% 37% 31% 27% 30% 32% 27%
Football 26% 37% 15% 16% 22% 26% 25% 30% 29%
Tennis 24% 23% 25% 21% 23% 21% 20% 27% 28%
Diving 23% 16% 29% 36% 18% 21% 24% 23% 21%






  1. According to the ONS population projections for 2013, the estimated UK population aged 18+ was 50,371,000. 75% of 50, 371, 000 = 37,778,250 Brits watching the Olympics this year. On average, each fan will spend 33.6 mins per day reading online content. 37,778,250 x 33.6 = 1,269,349,200 mins. The main Olympics will run from 5th – 21st 1,269,349,200 mins x 18 days = 380,804,760 hours.



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