July 24, 2015


London, 24th July 2015 – Teads announces today that, for the first time, outstream video advertising will be included as a stand alone category in this year’s Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) / PwC Digital Ad Spend Study, due to be released in October 2015. Previously, outstream advertising spend has been included in the general video advertising category, which includes instream formats such as pre-roll, but outstream is now recognised as a substantial and distinct new category.

Digital video advertising spend increased by 43% to £442million in 20141 and is forecast to be worth £961m in 20162. Until now, it has not been possible to measure the impact of outstream video on the growth of the market and compare with other video advertising formats.

Outstream advertising formats, such as Teads’ inRead, insert video ads into the heart of editorial content. When the user scrolls down and sees the video unit, inRead emerges and serves the video advert. By sitting outside of the video player, inRead dramatically increases the amount of premium video advertising inventory available. inRead’s Cost Per View billing is also triggered only after minimum viewing time, meaning advertisers only pay for completed views.

A recent study by Nielsen revealed that instream and outstream ads see different results in terms of brand recall and favourability. A third (30%) of users shown ads through the Teads inRead format said they were likely to purchase the advertised consumer electronics product, compared to just a fifth (20%) of those who watched it through instream skippable pre-roll.

Justin Taylor, UK MD of Teads said: “It’s fantastic to see outstream recognised as a distinct format within the IAB’s ad spend study. Outstream formats such as inRead allow video advertisers unique access to premium environments but also gives publishers another way to support their expert online editorial content commercially. We’ve always believed outstream formats are vastly different to instream and we’re pleased to see the IAB acknowledging it.
We look forward to seeing the spend results in the next report.”

Click here for a demo of Teads inRead format.


Notes to editors:

1. Source: IAB Digital Ad Spend 2014

2. Source: Enders Analysis, December 2014

3. Source: Nielsen Video Impact and Effectiveness Study 2015

About Teads

Teads, founded in 2011, is the inventor of outstream video advertising and a global monetization platform for publishers. Publishers work with Teads to create brand new video inventory and manage their existing inventory, monetizing it through programmatic buying, their own sales force, or third parties.

Teads’ outstream video advertising solutions encompasses a series of formats inserted deep
into media content, including articles, slideshows and newsfeeds. It is changing the game within the video advertising market by creating unprecedented levels of premium inventory, which did not exist before.

Brands and agencies can access this top-tier, premium inventory, available on the web and on mobile, through programmatic or managed services. Through our managed services capabilities, the Teads team execute on their clients behalf using its platform.
Teads has a team of over 400 employees, 100 of which are in the innovation team, across 26 global offices.

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