True Visits

Teads delivers true visits instead of just clicks to brands’ websites.

Only Pay For True Visits

50% of ad clicks never result in a page load. We enable brands to only pay for clicks that result in true visits. We can also exclude existing website visitors from the campaign, ensuring traffic only from new customers.

Engaging Creatives

We use innovative, interactive and personalized viewable display formats to drive potential customers down the purchase funnel. Our highly engaging viewable display formats generate an average dwell time of 11 seconds and 84% viewability, compared to just 46% for traditional display.

Advanced Optimization Engine

Our proprietary machine learning algorithm analyzes hundreds of data points, ranging from a user’s behavior on a page to their interests and location. The algorithm optimizes towards the advertiser’s objectives, while lowering their effective traffic acquisition costs.

Exclusive Quality Inventory

Our brands’ ads are placed in the heart of editorial content across the best publishers, reaching over 1.9 billion people globally, on a monthly basis.
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