March 5, 2018

The Rising Female Stars of Teads: Tatjana Kanitz

In celebration of International Women’s Day on March 8th, Teads is proud to highlight some of the incredible women who innovate, inspire and drive our business forward. Over the next week, we’ll be hearing from the rising stars, emerging leader, working mothers, team players, and innovators.

Our first Rising Star of the week is Tatjana Kanitz. A Programmatic Sales Manager from Germany. Congratulations Tatjana!

1. Tell us about your journey to, and within, Teads

My career started off in 2012 by completing an apprenticeship as a management assistant in Media – Digital and Print in one of the biggest publishing houses in Germany, Gruner & Jahr. For the next two and a half years I was apart of their teams, where I had my first experiences within the media industry and found my interest in video advertising.

Once this new interest was found, I began my journey at Teads in 2015, which started off as an internship on the Publishing Team. During this time I had the chance to gain a deeper insight into the media business which increased my interest even more.

June 2015, I was given the opportunity to stay on at Teads and become a consistent part of the Publishing Team. My range of duties included the care of Publisher as well as representing the interface between Sales and the Ad Operation team. At the same time, I started to work with Florian Türk, to build up the programmatic business in Germany and developed a high level of skills within the programmatic sales.

My journey at Teads continued in 2017, where I became Programmatic Sales Manager and started off together with the Head of Programmatic to represent Teads Germany as a successful programmatic company.Beginning of 2018, I became part of the Business-Development team.

2. What does being a rising star mean to you?

In my opinion being a rising star characterizes an ambitious, focused person, that has the ability of quick development and can encourage the business through proactive work.

3. What woman inspires you and why?  

There are two women that inspire me a lot within my life journey. Firstly, the most important person in my life, my mum, who finds solutions for every single problem and beats tough life situations with a continuously smile and positive mindset. She has got the ability to accommodate family and carrier and goes through life with the greatest of ease.

The second woman that inspires me is Angela Merkel, Germany’s Head of State. She represents democracy as well as equality and a large supporter human rights. She has shown that women have the ability to reach the highest of positions and can achieve a lot within their carrier. In spite of her success, she has stayed humble and modest.

4. If you could go back and give your teenage self advice for the future, what would it be?

If I could go back and give my teenage self advice for the future, I’d tell myself the following:

Don’t change yourself just to please somebody else. Don’t doubt yourself, because you’ll find your own way to go, because when one door closes another one opens.

5. What is the most memorable piece of advice you ever received?

It is better to trip on a new way than standing on the spot all your life

6. Within the next year, what do you wish to accomplish?

With my work and my input of ideas, I’m hoping to bring Teads Germany forward and to reach the goal of increasing the programmatic business. I want to help my workplace introduce new products and solutions on the market as well as popularize in business.

It is very important to me, to reach a high level of self-development and gain a wide range of knowledge. For example, I’d like to increase my skills within the data area to become an expert in that field and gain a better understanding.

7. What is your biggest wish/hope for the next generation of successful women?

My biggest hope for the next generation of successful women is to not lose their self-believe and to keep following their goals they’re willing to reach. Furthermore, I wish they’ll tell of their new ideas with a high level of self-confidence and fight for equality of opportunities.

Another wish I have for the next generation of successful woman is, that talents get recognized and promoted so that more women get the chance to work in high positions.

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