March 5, 2018

The Rising Female Stars of Teads: Julia Ebert

The final Rising Star of Teads of the day is Julia Ebert, a Publisher Account Coordinator on the U.S. team. Congratulations on being named a Rising Star of Teads!

1. Tell us about your journey to, and within, Teads

I was lucky enough to get an internship at Teads while still in school and was then hired on the U.S. publishing team as an account manager. I now manage some of our top publisher accounts.

I graduated from NYU with a degree in neuroscience, with no plans except to find a job. What I found at Teads was far more than that. Over the course of the past two years, I have learned a great deal about the media industry. Even more, I have become part of a community of smart, diverse, and interesting people, from all sorts of personal and professional backgrounds, all of whom have contributed to my success at Teads thus far.

2. What does being a rising star mean to you?

First, I am honored to have been identified as a rising star. There is no shortage of stars at our company in all stages of their careers. From this point, at the beginning of my career, being a rising star means I have many opportunities for professional growth ahead of me, but also the opportunity to contribute to the success and growth of Teads.

3. What woman inspires you and why?

I am inspired by women around me all the time. I am lucky to have always had strong women in my life in my mom and grandmothers, as role models in both business and life. I am inspired and energized by the women at Teads who are ahead of me in their careers, even some by just a few years, who have found success in this industry, and who have acted as mentors for me during my time here. 

4. If you could go back and give your teenage self advice for the future, what would it be?

I would tell my teenage self to be less tied to a plan and less focused on the outcome. Instead, enjoy the journey and be motivated and inspired by deviations from the plan, not discouraged. (Less eyeliner also wouldn’t hurt.)

5. What is the most memorable piece of advice you ever received?

My mom always says to me “Good girls don’t make history” (though usually said as an excuse for a second piece of cake or to cut in line). She has always taught me to take risks, to be creative, to not always follow the rules.

6. Within the next year, what do you wish to accomplish?

In the next year, I hope to continue to build strong relationships within Teads and with our publishers and to gain a greater understanding of this evolving industry and where I and Teads will fit into it in the years to come.

7. What is your biggest wish/hope for the next generation of successful women?  

My wish/hope for all generations of women is that their journey to success is not inhibited by their gender and that these successes be recognized not just as female wins, but as personal and human wins! While navigating the world, both personally and professionally, is different for women and men, at the end of the day, the successes of women (and men) should be recognized as critical to the success and progress of everyone. Much like the successes of individuals at Teads are encouraged and recognized as critical to the greater success of the company.

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