June 23, 2015

The alternative winners at Cannes Lions

The advertising event of the year is in full swing. If you’re interested in the actual winners then follow this piece by Ad Age which is covering them as they’re announced.

These are the things we think will come out top this Festival.


With so many ad tech companies attending this year, this problem that both plagues buyers and sellers, will result in more education about the issue. While many are fully informed on this topic, others still need to learn about why this issue affects brands, agencies and publishers alike. As explored before – having the best creative in the world is ineffective if it can’t be viewed. This video explores MRC standards for viewability and calls for further action to be taken.


The Glass Lion, a new award this year, aims to recognise work that implicitly or explicitly addresses issues of gender inequality of prejudice, recognising ‘a shift towards more positive, progressive and gender-aware communication’. With 166 entries, the entry fee is being put towards a programme that will promote a gender-neutral landscape and in future it’s hoped that this award will focus on other industry inequalities. A step in the right direction.


This year sees the first Lions Innovation which recognises the role that technology advancements plays in advertising. Acknowledgement from the largest advertising festival in the world speaks for itself. The New York Times also agrees: ‘This year, there will be more emphasis on advertising technology, which is fundamentally changing how advertising is created, bought and sold.’19ebf29d4a6e9e731cc85916b094b8ea


This isn’t just about the creative data award, but recognition (as with tech) about the value it brings. Gerry Graf, Barton F. Graf 9000 founder spoke on Monday encouraging creatives to get stuck in, ‘overload your brain with statistics and facts and information… There has to be transformation from data, knowledge, information, research and analytics into something creative.’ Graf closed with words of encouragement, ‘this is the best time in my 20-year career to be a creative person… Nowadays we have this information. We have this data. And creative is always better when it’s specific.’

Cannes Lions

With literally thousands of people descending on the Rivera town this week, the festival must be feeling pretty pleased with itself for once again organising an event of this magnitude. Despite discussions like these flying around, Cannes is bigger than before. It’s been trending on Twitter since it started and has its own hashflag (see for yourself #CannesLions).

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