July 15, 2015

The latest in mobile research

There’s been a swathe of mobile focused research released in the last few weeks, which makes for extremely interesting reading.

The IAB Top 250 Mobile Audit looked at UK advertisers offerings and noted that some still fell short. 84% of the brands had an optimised site – but only ½ of these are responsive. Shockingly, 7% have no mobile presence at all, either mobile site or app.

iab375% of those audited ran a mobile display campaign in 2014, but 10% ran these without an optimised website – not a brilliant user experience for those who click through.

When looking at verticals, FMCG brands lag; only 72% having optimised sites and 46% an app. Coming top was the automotive industry, leading the way in their optimisation, apps, paid search and running display campaigns.

Giving us further food for thought is comScore’s Global Mobile Report: How Multi-Platform Audiences & Engagement Compare in the US, Canada, UK and beyond. Using their own data they’ve taken a close look at audience habits in the USA, Canada and the UK.

Notably, there are clear nuances between countries when looking at time spent on desktop V mobile. In the US the time spent on digital media split is 61% on mobile, 39% desktop. Meanwhile in the UK it is 56% mobile, 44% desktop. When breaking this down further, looking at exactly how digital media was accessed shows further differences. In the UK 46% accessed digital media via smartphone or tablet apps, and 10% accessed through smartphone and tablet browser. In the US it was higher again, with app access totalling 53% of time and browser just 8%.

This is more interesting when considering the IAB’s research. Those 7% with no mobile presence should bear in mind that in the UK, the USA and in Canada, mobile took the largest share of digital media time.

smartphoneDismissing mobile as just a medium for the millennial generation is unwise. comScore’s research showed that in the US those aged 35-54 spent 63% of their time online on either smartphone or tablet, reducing to 48% with those over 55+. In the UK it was a similar story, with 54% of time spent on smartphone or tablet and rising slightly to 55% for those 55+. Advertisers should remember that mobile and tablet offers huge opportunities to reach all of their audiences, which is why at Teads we’re so pleased we can offer multiplatform video advertising solutions.

A strong appetite for content consumtion is a stand out point for the UK, with comScore observing that the ‘UK loves its digital newspapers’. Visitation penetration showed that the UK was the most likely to read news online. A look at the ‘Most Mobile’ properties among the Top 100 properties showed that publishers perform very well, with the likes of 65Twenty, Trinity Mirror and the Mail Online (with who Teads all work with) all ranked in the Top 10 for the UK.

Added to this, nearly half of the average US and UK Top 100 digital media properties audience only visits them via mobile platforms. comScore’s advice was that those who do not optimise could increase user friction and potentially turn away half their potential audience!

The new data reveals further convincing evidence about the power of mobile and as advertising money continues to turn this way, it’s important for brands and publishers to be mobile-ready.  This is why we were delighted to add inRead for iOS to our mobile solutions, meaning we can now reach users on every device, be it desktop, tablet, mobile web or in-app.

Find the IAB infographic and full report from comScore here.

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