May 1, 2020

The Interrupted Lifestyle: Impact of COVID-19 on Content Consumption Behavior

Since the first reported case of COVID-19 in China in late December, there have been many significant changes in consumption habits while the world is stuck at home. Not only do people have more time to consume news across devices, but the news itself is infiltrated with content about COVID-19 which now appears across dimensions.

We leveraged the Teads Media Barometer to uncover some of the key reading trends in the first 5 weeks during the pandemic. What we found is that there are significant changes in not only consumers behavior and content consumption, but on sentiment towards advertising during this unprecedented era.

Shari Munoz, VP of Insights in North America, at Teads, walked us through the key findings which included:

  1. The activities consumers miss most about life before quarantine is seeing family members, interactions outside the home, and celebrating special occasions
  2. The majority of online activity is still seen on smartphones (39.7%) rather than larger screens, with Gen Z leading the charge in smartphone usage
  3. Online shopping is a necessity with online grocery shopping seeing an increase of 100% in daily sales
  4. News consumption is up 79% followed by an increase in traffic for content related to health, entertainment, business, technology, food, shopping, and finance
  5. It is essential for advertisers to remain active within professionally produced online content and alter their message to align with the current context

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