April 9, 2018

The Internal Consultant: Evolution of the Ad Ops Role

Late in 2014, the Media Ratings Council produced a memo outlining their checklist of key considerations for measurement as the digital industry transitioned from a currency based solely on impressions to a much more sophisticated model, which required impressions to be served in a viewable environment.  This seismic shift continues to have far-reaching impact across advertisers, agencies, and publishers, but no single role has been challenged more by the adoption of viewability and other clean advertising initiatives than that of advertising operations (“ad ops.”)

Historically and stereotypically, ad ops professionals were considered introverted and transactional and while necessary to the business, were not trusted to interact with clients or equipped to think strategically and analytically.  With the aforementioned industry maturity and a recent explosion of programmatic, these “introverts” have become the centerpiece of the success of campaign execution.

As internal and external technical consultants, the ad ops role now juggles analytics from various verification vendors, measurement companies, demand side and supply side platforms and more across a single campaign.  Understanding the intricacies of how each of these platforms and technologies works in tandem to produce results is only the beginning. An ad ops professional is required to understand the makeup of third-party VAST tags to diagnose delivery and measurement issues, analyze layers upon layers of data to optimize performance and explain their actions, both internally and externally, in a way that is meaningful and productive.

The days of hiding behind keyboards are gone.  More and more, these roles are becoming the first point of contact for agencies and advertisers, making ad ops the face of client services for any media business. Ad Ops professionals are team players who use their diverse thinking to solve problems as a team and create long-term solutions for clients. They are hungry to be on the front lines of industry trends and challenges and simply put, they get things done.

If you want to build a successful media company, start from the inside with your ad ops department.

Written by: Meg Runeari, Vice President of Business Operations, North America, Teads

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