The CDO World Tour: Marc Mathieu

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Third in the Digital Transformation Series is Marc Mathieu, Global SVP of Marketing at Unilever and self-described ‘marketing maverick’. Unilever is a multinational consumer goods company, with products available in 190 countries. Their products range from ice cream favorites, like Ben & Jerry’s, to trusted beauty products, like Dove, TRESemmé, and many more.

In his interview, Mathieu pinpointed our reactive tendencies as an essential aspect of digital thinking, stating that ‘in today’s world, as a marketer, if you sponsor the Super Bowl and you watch the Super Bowl, you’re probably not doing your job’. Marketers need to be able to react instantly to ensure that audiences remain engaged.

Hailing over 2 billion consumers worldwide, Unilever has an amazing opportunity to distribute content in ways that are both efficient and effective, encouraged by data that allows personalized marketing. Treating everyone who uses Unilever as an individual, rather than a collective is key to digital transformation. Mathieu quotes from his recent attendance at the Consumer Electronics Show, where a speaker said ‘first there was the cloud, then there was social, then there was mobile, and today we are in, what he called, an artificial intelligence spring.’

He also stresses how we should come to acknowledge that digital isn’t a standalone department, but something that’s to be integrated in work and life — a point that was also emphasized by Anthony Simon. Mathieu explains how digital can break down barriers between departments- or even countries- allowing collaborative intelligence to grow and benefit organizations. With offices in 18 countries, Teads’ global team understands this – we encourage communication through our internal social network, easily allowing ideas and intelligence to be shared.

Matheiu had so many great insights to share that his interview has been broken up into three segments. Check out @marcfmath’s videos below and get engaged with the #CDOWorldTour on Twitter and Facebook.




CDO WT 2015 – Marc MATHIEU, SVP Global Marketing at UNILEVER – “Go to market” from Fast-Up Partners on Vimeo.



CDO WT 2015 – Marc MATHIEU, SVP Global Marketing at UNILEVER – About start-ups from Fast-Up Partners on Vimeo.



CDO WT 2015 – Marc MATHIEU, SVP Global Marketing at UNILEVER – About organization from Fast-Up Partners on Vimeo.

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