June 16, 2015

The CDO World Tour: Lars Silberbauer, LEGO

Taking place on our yacht at Cannes Lions on the 24th of June is the CDO World Tour Meetup. Frederic Colas from Fast-Up Partner and Michael Chrisment from Nescafé will share the most powerful insights from the tour, while PetitWeb will conduct a short panel session with the most forward thinking digital leaders.

This week the #CDOWorldTour interviews Lars Silberbauer, Global Director of Social Media and Search at LEGO whose mission is ‘to inspire and develop the builders of tomorrow’. Originally founded in Denmark, the brand is now one of the world’s largest manufacturer of toys, most notable the LEGO brick. Lars drives the innovative toy company’s social media strategy and execution and heads up a global team.

With responsibilities for all social media channels, Lars emphasises the multichannel and multiplatform aspect to this, with different avenues used to connect to different users. These include their website, social media channels and a new TV station (LEGO TV) which is available on Iris, Android and Kindle which allows fans to access the LEGO ‘universe’ in multiple ways. Almost as an afterthought he adds, ‘on top of that, it’s the whole YouTube environment that we run’. On a good Saturday they achieve 2.8 to 3 million views on their YouTube channel – highly impressive! He found that LEGO’s prime time for engagement was outside office hours, so they now maintain a 24 hour presence with a team working around the world.

In a nod to this global expansion, which many of the CDO’s on the #CDOWorldTour have commented on, Lars adds that he’d love for there to be more multi-linguals, with a hope for those who could speak at least 12 to 14 different languages(!) Recognising China’s explosion as a market and the emerging relationship between e-commerce and social media there, he cites speaking Chinese as the skill he’d most like to have. Working on new social networks like Weibo and WeChat is a reminder to him – and to all digital marketers – that there are always different ways of communicating. It’s a reminder that ‘we should never think that the world has settled and has been consolidated. It’s ready for the next disruption and it could happen at any time.’

As for his thoughts on the digital marketing industry as a whole, Lars comments that he thinks ‘the whole market is converging to digital marketing’, emphasising how important having an integrated experience for the consumer on their journey, with good digital experience. Despite the advancements in digital marketing, he also acknowledges its limitations in his closing remarks, hoping for greater advancements in an attribution model so they can measure the value of everything they do. It’s much harder, he notes, to create direct links between what they do on social media and how it translates into sales.

Lars offers brilliant insights into the challenges and opportunities that are available in for companies through their social media strategy. He emphasises the need not to be complacent and to keep innovating! Watch the interview with Lars here and catch-up with other blogs in the #CDOWorldTour.


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