May 8, 2015

The CDO World Tour: David Cook, Time Out

The next to participate Fast-Up Partners’ CDO World Tour series is David Cook of the lifestyle and travel publication, Time Out. Feel free to watch his interview in full here.

Having been with the publication for just one year and half, Cook admits to being humbled by the company’s longstanding history as well-reputed print enterprise. When asked what “magic ingredients” make for a successful CDO, Cook emphasized “respect” as a major component. That’s because, Cook explains, when entering a new role at an organization, it’s easy to fall into “a trap of being disrespectful to what’s happened before” your being hired, and “not actually appreciating how an organization has got to where it is.”

While Time Out’s history as a traditional print publication is worthy of praise, the company’s decision to expand digitally is crucial to its staying relevant to today’s readers. The foremost challenge ahead of Time Out’s developing digital team is to “transform an iconic brand” – one that was primarily print – “and make it a significant digital presence around the world.” This means that the team at Time Out must stay ahead of the learning curve, keeping up with trends in online data management, content distribution, and even web design. “Digital is actually top of the business agenda,” Cook says.

One of the most interesting takeaways from Cook’s interview is how aggressively he considers digital’s potential to be for Time Out. Throughout the publication’s 45-year history, Time Out has expanded to cover 60 cities, and much of that growth was accomplished with the help of digital. Today, Cook asserts, a CDO must “think big enough.” Instead of covering just one region at a time, the publication should instead strategize to hit 800.

Far beyond the confines of integrating a print publication to the digital world, Time Out’s CDO David Cook offers advice and perspective that’s useful for anyone managing a global operation – especially one that’s keeping pace with the ever-changing digital world.

We hope that you enjoy Cook’s interview as much as the team here at Teads did!

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