March 19, 2015

The CDO World Tour: Bonin Bough, Mondelez International

The first in the Digital Transformations Video Series is Bonin Bough, VP of Global Media and Consumer Engagement at Mondelēz International. They can be considered a confectionary giant, with their products among the worlds favourite household brands, including Cadbury, Milka, Oreo and Trident.

As VP of Global Media and Consumer Engagement, Bough is in charge of investing $1.4 billion around the globe and has created partnerships with large digital players, instigating the first ever branded campaigns with Instagram and Foursquare.

Mondelēz International’s long history (over 25 of their brands are more than 100 years old), also comes with its challenges, as Bough discusses in this interview, asking ‘how do you build a digital mindset in a traditional organisation?’ He talks about digital transformation, and generational differences between companies, emphasising the need for leaders to equip their workforce with the skills necessary in this landscape to nurture the growth of a digital culture.


In the future Bough expects his greatest achievement to be the marrying of e-commerce and media, one which has been unprecedented in any other CPG organisations. Partnerships with Tesco and Facebook have allowed a greater understanding of how online sales and offline influence work together, using anonymised data to ensure that they are targeting the right consumers. It’s all very well having a great Facebook post, Bough explains, but is this content driving products off shelves?

This lack of digital culture is what Bough would ‘crush out’ of the industry. Organisations can no longer think as they have before, but take inspiration from large technology companies like Google and change their working practices to reflect this. As a company leading in the online video space, it is important to us that digital is represented for what it is – forward thinking, innovative, traceable and trackable. Bough’s championing of innovative practices are both interesting and useful and offer ideas that we’re sure would benefit many organisations.
Take a look at Bough’s video and let us know your thoughts.

Next week: Anthony Simon from 10 Downing Street


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