September 19, 2019

Teads unveils Teads for publishers (tfp) empowering publisher sales teams to massively scale video & display inventory

By: Eric Shih, Global Senior Vice President, Business Development, Teads

We are at a critical point in the industry where the Duopoly are garnering the majority of digital ad budgets. As The Global Media Platform, we want to empower publishers with the tools they need to remain competitive in the industry, which is why we’re offering them the ability to massively scale ad inventory and generate significant incremental revenue. Today, we announced “Teads for Publishers,” a new self-serve platform that will enable publishers to create incremental revenue streams by empowering their ad sales, programmatic and creative teams with tools to offer our innovative premium video and display ad experiences directly to their clients. 

At Teads, we’ve always placed a high value on quality. One of the goals in launching this new offering is to ensure all of our publisher partners are empowered to guarantee advertisers brand-safe user experiences. To that end, we are also offering full transparency on brand safety monitoring and filtering of their campaigns. 

How does it work? The offering is an extension of our enterprise-class ad server and supply-side platform (SSP) which allow publishers to sell either directly or programmatically through private marketplace (PMP) Deal IDs. Through the platform, publishers will have access to:

  1. Teads Prediction AI: Through TFP, publishers will have access to Teads’ proprietary prediction AI. Our predictive engine analyzes billions of data points everyday across a variety of dimensions including user, publisher, advertiser and contextual features, in order to predict in real-time the likelihood of accomplishing a KPI, like a view or click, and hence enables guaranteed outcomes. This ground-breaking AI helps maintain the most efficient use of publisher inventory and powers new publisher sales models including viewable CPM (vCPM) and Cost-per-Completed View (CPCV). 
  2. Teads Studio: Publishers will have access to Teads Studio, our self-serve creative studio platform that gives both publishers and advertisers the ability to optimize advertising creatives. Teads Studio works with a brand’s existing assets to remix and enhance their creative to work best on a mobile device, with interactive elements designed to improve engagement.
  3. Teads Audiences: The data management platform (DMP) will allow publishers to both integrate first-party and leverage third-party data to enhance targeting and drive further revenue for direct and programmatic sales. Secondly, publishers will also have the ability to utilize contextual targeting tools, which offer a means to navigate and address privacy restrictions emerging from regulation (such as GDPR and CCPA) and web browser limitations (cookie-less environments), as well as Teads’ unique first-party data.  
  4. Teads Premium Ad Experiences: Teads full suite of inRead formats, across both video and display, are now available to publisher partners for their direct and programmatic sales efforts. Publishers are able to offer their advertising clients industry-leading and innovative ad formats optimized for user experience, viewability, and mobile environments with full support for landscape, square, vertical, and interscroller creative types.

Bottomline, in the past 3 years, on average, we’ve helped publishers around the globe, including Tribune Publishing, Slate, The Economist, & BBC, grow their video inventory by 700% and triple their monetization revenue. We are proud to share that we are creating over 1 trillion new ad opportunities for publishers annually worldwide. 

What we’re most excited about this new rollout is the overwhelming support we’ve received from some of our most valued partners. In their own words: 


Nico Sennegon, EVP and Chief Commercial Officer, The Economist: 

“Working with Teads has allowed us to deliver a reliable and customisable solution for our clients who are looking to connect with a globally curious readership in The Economist’s brand-safe environment.”

Errol Barran, Global SVP, BBC Global News:

“Having a strong creative offer remains at the forefront of our commercial proposition to market. But that creative offer needs to provide the comfort and guarantee that it is not only safe but also underpinned by great user experience. Our relationship with Teads goes from strength to strength and this development is further evidence of their ability to reimagine the commercial video experience and improve their product portfolio.”

In the US: 

Grant Whitmore, Chief Digital Operations Officer, Tribune Publishing, said: 

“Teads has been one of our core advertising technology partners for the past several years. Teads for Publishers has enabled Tribune Publishing to increase our video inventory by 10x to date and we continue to increase revenue year-over-year with the integration of new environments. We also look forward to leveraging Teads Studio to tap into new interactive creative capabilities for our ads and further enhancing our sales effort through unique data from Teads Audience Suite.” 

Jennifer Castillo, Senior Director, Ad Operations, Slate Magazine

“Slate has been a premium partner of Teads for over 5 years. Through this partnership we have been able to provide our advertisers with high quality and highly viewable video content both direct and programmatically. The outstream unit performs in comparison to our old video content – this makes the unit appealing to our programmatic buyers who are looking for high performing video content.”

In the UK:  

Andy Morley, Chief Digital Revenue Office, ESI Media 

“Teads continues to drive innovation for publishers, providing incremental revenue whilst also helping us showcase new products and solutions for advertisers via its video and viewable display formats. With access to Teads for Publishers, Teads is part of ESI’s compelling product range that allows us to work with customers to effectively reach our influential audiences via our growing digital brands. We continue to work with Teads to drive growth across the business.”

In France: 

Florian Poulin, Revenue Manager, Sud-Ouest

“Teads for Publishers is a platform that perfectly suits my expectations as a revenue manager. Firstly thanks to the freshness of the data, almost in real time, which allow me to project myself easily on the CA but also to quickly detect delivery problems. The interface is easy to manage and to share internally, the main indicators are well put forward. And that does not prevent us from getting very specific data, which we can then extract in spreadsheet format. “

Camille Bablet, Directrice Digital Lab, Mondadori

“The platform deployed by Teads is very functional and allows us in a few clicks to have a simple view of the revenue generated.The different levels of granularity possible are also a plus to drive our turnover (site, device, web environment or AMP … etc). “

In Spain/Portugal: 

Fernando Parreira, Director Comecial do SAPO

“Being part of the Teads network means gaining access to a new source of revenue leveraging the textual contents (the articles). The strengths of the Teads player coupled with respect for the user through non-intrusive and innovative formats helps SAPO provide its visitors with a good browsing experience proven by the high viewability and exposure time guaranteed by Teads formats. ”

Gabriel Gonzalez, Director Comercial, Blue Media 

“With the implementation of its range of products, Bluemedia manages to boost its growth and, in turn, maintain a range of formats at the forefront of the market.

It is always a pleasure to work with a leading video company because it allows us to always be up to date in innovation and offer the best services to our direct clients.”

Enrique Blanc, Operations and Partnership Director, Grupo Zeta (Prensa Ibérica)

“Teads technology allows us to increase our video offer in the market, within advertiser quality parameters and getting a good user experience.”

Esther Benito, Digital Commercial Director, Hearst Spain

“As a Luxury top premium editorial group, Hearst Spain is really concerned about the quality of the user experience, and control of advertising through our websites and properties. In addition, Teads platform gives us the opportunity to increase the range of ad experiences we can offer to our clients, with the high standards of Hearst.”

In Italy:

Roberto Zanaboni, head of digital advertising marketing of RCS Mediagroup S.p.A 

“Teads has for years been one of our main advertising technology partners, for the specific inRead format. Teads for Publishers has allowed us to increase the available video inventory giving us the possibility to deliver campaigns in different environments. We are also using Teads Studio to allow our Sales Force to offer exclusive customers formats able to better engage the user without impacting the user experience.”

Elodie Binard, Country Manager, alfemminile Italia

“Dynamic creativity is today one of the strongest assets we have to communicate with our users, invaded by banners of various sizes that they are no longer willing to accept. Having the ability to attract users with dynamic creativity has become an essential opportunity to meet them without bothering them in their browsing experience. Thanks to the ease and immediacy of use of the Teads platform, all this has become possible and allows us to bring unique business proposals to the market.”


Jennifer Tsang, Vice President, Digital, SCMP Hearst (Hong Kong)

“SCMP Magazines has been in close partnership with Teads to drive incremental ad revenue and we’re excited to see the launch of Teads for Publishers which may add value to our current ad offerings and strengthen our ad revenue growth.” 

Henry Yeung, Deputy General Manager, Digital Solutions, Ming Pao (Hong Kong)

“Ming Pao has a great partnership with Teads that drives incremental revenue. We look forward to utilizing Teads for Publishers to further empower our sales team and leveraging the continuous innovation emerging from Teads’ technology stack.”

Moris Rusmanto, Print & Digital Sales Director of KG Media (Media Group of Kompas Gramedia) (Indonesia)

“Teads has shown & proven its high performance in the industry and has been driving a great revenue for Kompas Gramedia. With the launch of Teads for Publishers, we believe it will bring a positive impact on our continuous partnership & business in the future.” 

Jayvee Fernandez, Business Development Head, Manila Bulletin (Philippines)

“Partnering with Teads has enabled Manila Bulletin to see a significant growth in its digital efforts with some months doubling or even tripling revenues. We are happy to have Teads as one of our strategic partners as we enter our 120 years celebration in 2020.” 

Gary G. Libby, COO, (Philippines)

“Our revenue report has never looked better, thanks in part to our business partnership with Teads. The technological innovations they bring to the table have helped expand its advertising offers to clients in virtually any category. We’re more than happy and proud to continue working with Teads, and we’re excited for their next groundbreaking updates!” 

Jan Arnaiz, Ad Operations Lead, Rappler Inc. (Philippines)

“The partnership with Teads is key to Rappler’s continuous growth in the world of digital advertising. Through Teads’ Demand, we are able to maintain a steady month-on-month increase in revenue of up to 10%. Teads Manager for self-serve campaigns also helped us execute traditional direct and progressive programmatic campaigns seamlessly. Their skilled team of managers prove quick and abundant with technical knowledge, able to offer advice that help us elevate our efforts to another next level.”

Ca Gie Low, Manager, Digital Advertising & Yield Management, Media Prima Group (Malaysia)

“Media Prima Group started the ad partnership with Teads to monetize outstream inventory since 2017. By Q2, this has already driven a 21% increase of outstream advertising revenue compared to last year. The convenience of integration and the ease of using the Teads platform has also helped us tremendously in saving time on the technical front.” 


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