Quality journalism is essential to consumers in normal times and during a global pandemic, it’s more critical than ever that consumers have access to sources of truth. Publishers across the board are reporting on traffic surges as consumers increasingly turn to the news while they are quarantined. However, brand safety filtering using keyword blocking of content related to COVID-19 has had reverberating effects on the industry and threatens the financial health of the very publishers we need the most right now.

As The Global Media Platform, Teads is proud to partner with the majority of premium news publishers around the world. We are reinforcing our support for quality journalism during the pandemic and providing financial relief to our news publisher partners globally by waiving fees through the end of Q3 2020 for our most unique and proprietary publisher direct sales tools in our Teads for Publishers Enterprise Suite platform.

In a time where social platforms are still siphoning the majority of advertiser budgets in a contracting marketplace, Teads will further empower editorial publishers to better compete against these platforms in the ad marketplace by offering the following:

1) Advanced data targeting capabilities for direct sold campaigns & programmatic deals.

Teads will give access to its socio-demographic and brand safety data segments free-of-charge during this period.

Teads Audiences for Publishers have been crafted to offer powerful targeting capabilities covering all verticals. By leveraging advanced machine learning algorithms – smart contextual extrapolation to identify the most representative user populations – Teads Audiences provides the perfect ratio of reach and accuracy to maximize the targeting capabilities of individual Publishers (30% above Nielsen DAR benchmark for socio-demographic segments).

Teads will also enable publishers to utilize its curated brand safety segments to optimize ad targeting based on their clients’ brand safety requirements, while ensuring the maximum monetization potential of their editorial content. Brand safety is now front-and-center for marketers with the COVID-19 pandemic, and news publishers, in particular, are increasingly challenged in monetizing their traffic with the significant increase in COVID-19-related content.

2) Outcome-based sales models (CPCV, vCPM & CPC)

Teads will give access to all advanced sales models, in addition to standard CPM, at no additional charge during this period.

With Teads Prediction AI, our predictive engine analyzes billions of data points everyday across a variety of dimensions including user, publisher, advertiser and contextual features, in order to predict in real-time the likelihood of accomplishing a KPI, such as a view or a click, and hence enables guaranteed outcomes. This ground-breaking AI helps maintain the most efficient use of publisher inventory and powers new publisher sales models including viewable CPM (vCPM), Cost-per-Completed View (CPCV) and Cost-per-Click (CPC). These additional models provide competitive differentiation in the marketplace for publishers and ensure that their clients will only pay for impressions that result in their desired outcomes.

3) Training & support from years of expertise & knowledge

Teads will provide, at no cost, valuable sales-support and training, insights, education and marketing materials to news publishers to enable them to maximize potential revenue from direct sales of in-article advertising formats.

As the pioneer of in-read advertising, Teads has over a decade of experience in providing unique and innovative, in-article ad experiences for brands and agencies around the world. We are the leaders in transacting on guaranteed outcomes and providing concrete results for marketers. We will work closely with our premium news publishers and their sales team to help them move beyond CPM as an advertising currency and better meet their clients’ needs with our deep institutional knowledge of Teads suite of ad experiences and monetization platform.

We will be reaching out directly to our news publisher partners about the availability of these no-cost features and services, but encourage both our existing partners and prospective news publishers to reach out with any questions in the meantime.


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