May 28, 2015

Teads & Le Monde Strike Exclusive Partnership

Today, our team was thrilled to announce its recently sealed partnership with French publisher network company MPublicité – RégieObs. From hereon out, MPublicité – RégieObs can integrate Teads’ outstream formats, like inRead and inBoard, across its impressive array of premium French publications, which includes Le Monde, Courrier International, Rue89, Le Huffington Post, and many more.


Teads’ trusted connections to brands and advertisers from around the world will ensure that MPublicité – RégieObs’ news sites get the most from their newly added outstream video inventory. In the spirit of today’s announcement, Corinne Mrejen, MPublicité – RégieObs’ CEO, said “Teads’ international capabilities and its innovative technology widens our capacity to offer advertisers more efficient video performances.”


This announcement means a tremendous amount to our team. It symbolizes just how quickly we are growing, and how valued our outstream solutions are to premium publications all across the globe. We cannot wait to rev up the engines on this partnership, and look forward to other renowned publications embracing our technologies. Stay tuned, and keep your eyes peeled for our inRead & inBoard formats popping up in Le Monde!

To learn more about what our partnership with MPublicité – RégieObs entails, feel free to review the press release here.

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