January 26, 2017

Teads’ Outstream Video Summit New York Wrap Up

On December 1st, Teads held its 3rd annual U.S. Outstream Video Summit at the Times Center venue in New York City, hosting approximately 350 guests from leading brands, agencies, publishers, and trading desks.

Speakers from Business Insider, Google, Dow Jones, Mashable, The Atlantic, Conde Nast, and several others came together to discuss the power of premium editorial content, transacting programmatic outstream and the standardization of native video.

Bringing it back to where it all began

When Teads first came to the United States in June 2013, the first business meeting took place in the same building as this event with the New York Times. As the company evolved and the platform became the defacto choice as the most advanced outstream platform in the world, we’ve seen how much the importance of outstream has changed.

This summit dove into the importance of distributing content within premium editorial, the adoption of programmatic outstream video and how to correctly transact on it, and the power of user-friendly experiences.

Teads’ CEO, Bertrand Quesada, opened the summit by sharing his thoughts on outstream, why premium matters, mobile optimized formats and the importance of the creative.

The Power of Premium Content

Known for its premium publisher content, Teads kicked off the event with a discussion on the value of premium editorial content and how advertising and editorial content are a match made in heaven.

Matt Starker from Conde Nast, Hayley Romer from The Atlantic, Diego Sanchez from Rodale and Adam Wallitt from Forbes took the stage to discuss how premium publishers are working to place print content on digital platforms, how video production strategies have changed and how it complements their editorial content, in addition to balancing the user experience while monetizing sites through video and, lastly, what 2017 will bring.

Rebecca Mahony, Teads’ CMO, also announced new research which will be launched in 2017. Going beyond the metrics we’ve seen in the past, this research will examine the neurology of advertising and content to demonstrate how these affect long-term memory and if placement in different environments changes those results.

The Golden Path to Quality Programmatic Video

This year has been an incredible year for programmatic and Teads is predicted to see over 400% growth in programmatic alone. When first launched at Teads, there were questions on whether this type of programmatic video would scale. Those questions can be put to rest, now that over 90% of the demand that buys Teads’ supply are brand advertisers.

Quality is the biggest barrier for programmatic video and the lack of inventory is still present in the industry today. Jana Meron from Business Insider, Tim Sims from The Trade Desk and Jason Askinasi from Run joined Teads’ Global Managing Director of Mobile and Programmatic, Todd Tran to explore the shortage quality, placement of ads and audience targeting, the shift from open exchange to PMP, viewability, and 2017 predictions.

Style, Soul and Substance: Injecting Creativity and Interactivity into Video

What does the ad of the future look like? Emi Gal, CEO of Teads Studio took the audience through the evolution of advertising and he believes the future has three characteristics:

  1. Self-assembled in real time using data
  2. Interactive with interactivity created in real time using data based on the user’s profile
  3. Conversational

But, what is making all of this possible?


Monetizing Third-Party Platforms

In the past year, over 70% of all Teads’ traffic across publishers globally is on mobile today, as a result, there has been a huge shift in both consumer content and advertising consumption on mobile platforms. With that trend, there has been an emergent of new platforms that are designed to be optimized for the mobile environment both from the perspective of content and advertising.

Laurent Cordier from Google, Adam Ostrow from Mashable, Jeff Sutton from Advance Local and Adam Shlacter from VM1 talked with Teads’ Global SVP of Business Development, Eric Shih about the main mobile platforms whether it be Facebook Instant Articles, Google AMP or Apple News. Panelists spoke about what they are doing from a content distribution perspective in those environments, how they look at these platforms when making investments, how publishers approach the monetization aspect, and how the ad experience has improved with content and ads loading faster on these platforms.

Engaging, Not Enraging Users Through the Standardization of Native Video

“The only reason user experience is a discussion today is because it has become an extremely hot-button topic in the industry about making sure we are providing a positive user experience,” said Teads’ President of U.S. and Canada, Jim Daily at the opening of this panel.

Jim continued to speak about the current state of the industry and how user experience grew to become such a concern. Joined by Alanna Gombert from IAB Tech Lab, David Minkin from Dow Jones, Michelle Smith from AppNexus and Chris Langel from Moat, they explained how the industry has shifted, what makes a good advertising experience, and the standardization of video ads.

Thank you to all the speakers and guests for participating in this years #OutstreamSummit. More photos can be found on our Facebook page.

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