June 24, 2015

Teads’ Outstream Video Formats Break into iOS Mobile Web

Witnessing tremendous year over year growth in cross-screen media consumption, Teads’ innovation team has always been at the forefront of making more premium mobile-friendly inventory for advertisers and publishers. As recently as this past March, we debuted our mobile SDK, bringing Teads’ infamous outstream formats to in-app for the first time ever.

Thinking ahead, our team has taken outstream’s integration with mobile one step further. With iPhones leading the US market as the top-selling smartphone device, we are extremely proud to announce that Teads’ outstream video technology is now fully compatible with the mobile web on iOS devices.

iStock_000026401522Large_inFlowMobile_V3Up until now, outstream video ads could not run on iPhone web browsers, because iOS forces the launch of its native, full-screen only player. Our exclusive technology beats this barrier, delivering video ads within premium editorial on iOS, while respecting a seamless user experience, regardless of what device is being used. Adhering to Teads’ unwavering commitment to viewability, our new iOS solution is 100% visible, starting only when users are able to see the entire video.

The Teads platform is the only way advertisers can bring outstream to all types of content across iOS devices. Recently, other companies have claimed to provide similar solutions, however their models are not complicit with video; rather, they only work for display advertising, which is not VAST compliant and comes in poor quality GIF formats.

“Unlike many others who have attempted to overcome the ‘forced full-screen’ issue, we are able to integrate real video advertising within premium content, rather than just enhanced gifs or animated frames,” our Executive Chairman, Pierre Chappaz comments. At Teads, we are truly beholden to the belief that video advertising is the most effective, engaging and entertaining way for advertisers and brands to connect with their target audiences.

Celebrating the introduction of outstream video to iOS mobile web browsers, Chappaz declares we “look forward to revolutionizing the industry with this innovative technology.” The Teads team is thrilled to welcome outstream to its new home in Apple’s iOS web browsers, and cannot wait to see what else our incredible innovation team will unveil!

inRead Everywhere from Teads on Vimeo.


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