June 5, 2015

Teads Named Latin America’s Top Digital Innovator

We were thrilled to be announced as the “Top Digital Innovator” in the Portada LATAM Awards yesterday, June 5th. It was especially humbling to have been chosen among some of the leading companies and professionals revolutionizing the industry today. We could not be happier to have been recognized for our innovative offering to digital advertising with the rising adoption of the Outstream formats in the region.

Portada Picture Eric


The Portada LATAM Advertising and Media Summit occurs yearly in Miami, FL and features an award ceremony at closing to honor the most creative and cutting-edge companies, campaigns and professionals in the industry in the past year. We are grateful to have received the public’s support and votes during the first round as it was a reflection of their belief in our services, before passing to the final round where the jury elected the winner. The Top Digital Innovator Award honored companies who were addressing existing problems with visionary and effective results, and pushing the industry’s boundaries.

Teads’ technology allows publishers to better monetize from video by creating additional inventory that sits outside the video stream, a format known as Outstream. By sitting outside of the video player, Outstream solves the industry’s biggest issues – lack of standards for viewability and limited access to premium video content.

One of the signature formats evangelized by the company, known as inRead®, places video advertising within the editorial content of a publisher site, positioning the video unit within two paragraphs of an article. When the user scrolls down and sees the video unit, inRead® emerges and serves the video advertisement. The unit is skippable from the first second, thus only shown to an engaged audience, ensuring viewability.

Teads is proud to service our formats to the world’s leading publishers including Forbes, The Financial Times, Clarin, Excelsior and O Globo. Although we have always believed in the effectiveness of our innovative approach to digital advertising, it was an honor to have been recognized by the front-runners of the media and advertising industry in Latin America. We are excited to see where the remaining of 2015 takes us.

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