November 14, 2016

Teads Named ‘Best Use of Video’ and ‘Best Use of Mobile’ Winner at the Festival of Media LATAM 2016 Awards

We are ecstatic to announce that our mobile outstream format, inRead, won SILVER for ‘Best Use of Video’ and BRONZE for ‘Best Use of Mobile’ at the Festival of Media LATAM 2016 Awards! The Best Use of Video award acknowledges the use of creativity in content, the success of audience engagement and the innovative use of technology with results that prove the level of achievement of campaigns. The Best Use of Mobile award is granted to campaigns that focus on using mobile media as an essential part of the campaign in order to reach and engage their audience.

We are incredibly honored to have received these awards for our work on Unilever’s Axe – “Find Your Magic” programmatic vertical video campaign and Intel’s “The Chase” inRead mobile campaign, especially amongst the talented industry professionals that participated this year.

While Axe is one of the world’s most popular male grooming brands, it was seeking to reposition its brand perception in the market. With the help of Teads, Axe became the first brand to launch an ad campaign using native vertical video on mobile traded purely via programmatic in LATAM. Teads was the only marketplace providing native vertical premium video in the region that could help Axe connect its brand to its consumers in the most effective and immersive way.

Axe used the innovative mobile format, inRead Vertical, coupled with Teads’ advanced programmatic SSP and third party data to run their video ads natively across mobile devices. This led to completion rates and cost efficiencies that surpassed industry benchmarks by 16% and 22% respectively, and resulted in a 22% increase in sales in their target market. The results also established a standard for outstream mobile vertical video campaigns, delivering over 2 million impressions and an almost 50% completion view rate (other widely known outstream formats average a completion view rate of 6% and instream formats average around 30%). This accolade could not have been possible without the help of our partners: Initiative and Cadreon.

Intel’s strong creative and content, coupled with Teads’ mobile technology and premium publishers also led to outstanding results and massive reach. Together, the programmatic and mobile arms optimized ROI, surpassing industry standards and pushing Intel’s internal benchmarks on all fronts. For this campaign as a whole, only with Teads was Intel able to surpass benchmarks, attesting to the effectiveness of mobile, video and programmatic in today’s market.

Teads delivered Intel more than 5.3 million impressions resulting in an astounding 3.1 million completed views, meaning they reached a 60% completion view rate. The CTR of 0.81% is 5 times the industry benchmark for this kind of distribution, equating to more than 43,000 clicks. Intel also registered a 9.6 brand lift as of May 31st, almost 30% above their Q4 2015 brand lift of 7.5 (across all platforms in LATAM). With this campaign, the viewers’ purchase intent was 9 times more favorable after watching the ad. Only with the help of our associates, OMD and Accuen, were we able to achieve these results, and consequently this award.

Industry professionals from all over Latin America gather annually at The Festival of Media LATAM to celebrate innovation and creativity in the media industry. This year, due to the cancellation of the 3-day event because of a category 4 hurricane, we gathered at a Charity Awards Gala Dinner to reveal the results. All profits from the evening were donated to support hurricane relief efforts.

Check out our Axe video award entry for a closer look at the campaign details:

Teads’ inRead Vertical is an outstream video format designed exclusively for mobile, leveraging the user’s natural vertical use of the phone and size of the screen to deliver brand messages to all four corners, providing a more personal viewing experience.

Teads’ programmatic offering gives advertisers the ability to place native video ads across our network of premium publisher sites exclusively via its SSP. By using our programmatic platform, brands can safely make automated purchases of inRead for both mobile and desktop. We currently offer the most advanced SSP for publishers focused on selling outstream video programmatically. Teads is proud to service our formats to the world’s leading publishers including Forbes, ESPN, Marca, Terra, Clarin, Excelsior and O Globo.

We are both honored and humbled to have been recognized by the leaders of the media and advertising industry in Latin America. These awards further encourage us to continue innovating and pushing the industry forward. We’re excited for what 2017 will bring!

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