March 23, 2016

Teads Among the First to be Cited As A Google AMP Project-Enabled Advertising Partner

Have you ever tapped to open an article on your smartphone, only to find yourself feeling agitated the webpage’s clunky, tired loading time? It’s a common phenomenon that Google is now trying to eliminate through its Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Project. Through its open source AMP HTML, this project empowers publishers to continue operating as usual, creating the same types of content and advertising experiences, while enhancing the speed and performance of their mobile pages.

A strong supporter of this initiative, Teads is among the first to be cited on Google’s list of AMP-enabled advertising partners. To see how AMP works with Teads’ outstream formats, watch our demo on your mobile phone (note: the demo does not work on desktop computers).

We are confident that the AMP Project will revolutionize how people consume and browse online mobile content. Since the project’s launch on February 24th, the load time of publisher pages has already been accelerated by 85%. This is fantastic news, as many of the publishers who have joined the initiative are also exclusive partners of Teads.

Considering that our native video solutions and most of our publisher partners are compliant with Google’s AMP Project, the our team is better positioned than ever to provide clients with the most premium, optimized mobile video advertising experience. Get started with us today.

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