June 7, 2017

Teads’ Commitment to Brand Safe Advertising Solutions

There are many discussions around brand safety lately, and for good reason. Advertisers need the confidence that their ads are being displayed in high-quality, brand-safe places. As an industry, we must strive to ensure brand safety is at the core of each campaign that we run.

We believe that this news will only serve to improve the digital landscape by underlining the importance of buying from trustworthy and transparent supply sources.

In light of these recent events, we wanted to remind our partners of our commitment to providing best in class, premium advertising. We continue to work tirelessly to provide the cleanest environment in the industry to ensure brand safety.

Teads’ brand safe solutions include:

  1. Premium publishers and ad positioning
  2. Protection against ad fraud
  3. Integration with the top 3rd party viewability verification partners
  4. User-friendly formats
  5. Clean environments
  6. Mass reach

Click here to learn more about Teads’ solutions.

Contact a Teads representative today to continue the conversation and discuss how we can help you plan your cross-screen campaigns effectively.

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