March 30, 2015

Teads at Ad Week Europe

Now in its third year, Ad Week Europe was held over 4 days last week, with over 23,000 in attendance. There were over 185 hours of thought leadership content from speakers including Salma Hayek, Katie Price and Sir Martin Sorrell.

Held just down the road from our London office, our COO, Christophe Parcot was a panellist on ‘The Future of Video’ on the 25th of March. Joined by Owen Hanks (YuMe), Sarah Lawson Johnston (Mediaocean), Jamie West (Sky Media), Iain Wilson (Keek) and chaired by Cameron Clarke, Editor of The Drum.

There was a lot to get through in 30 minutes, here’s some of the key take outs from Wednesday’s session.




It’s not Digital V TV

Or Zoella versus Game of Thrones as Cameron Clarke put it, but accepting that digital advertising is part of the ecosystem and brands must be fully educated about its power.

Can user generated content ever be safe

User generated content has recently hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons, but will celebrities creating content (as on Keek) make this safer?

Go outstream

Video advertising doesn’t just have to be restricted to video content. Outstream is where ads are placed outside of the video stream, one key example being the Teads formats.

Tackling Fraud

Where there’s money, fraud follows. Just as credit cards are subject to these risks, so is advertising, although there are steps that can be taken to reduce the risk

Targeting Tactics

Is it better to be able to reach users at scale, or specific targeted individuals? The panel agreed that it’s about knowing what the brand wants to achieve, and that agencies need to work with brands to help them understand measurement metrics.

Video isn’t a bolt on

Video should be part of all advertising plans now, and has a place in every campaign, no matter what the objectives.

Catch up with the panel replay here – looking forward to next year already! #AWEurope16


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