February 6, 2019

Teads acquires Buzzeff and expands its global footprint to include the MENA region

The regional advertising technology industry gets a boost through this acquisition, which is also opening up new doors for MENA advertisers from both a reach and product perspective

Buzzeff, an online advertising specialist in the MENA region, has been acquired by Teads, the Global Media Platform, to bolster online advertising services for regional advertisers while expanding their reach to international audiences. This is one of the first such acquisitions to take place in the advertising technology industry in recent years, specifically in this region, signifying the importance of the MENA region in this sector.

In an agreement signed on 16th January 2019, upon the acquisition of Buzzeff by Teads, the two companies merged to form Teads MENA, with strategic locations in Dubai (Teads Middle East) and in Casablanca (Teads North Africa).

Aside from ensuring brand-safe, fraud-free and viewable inventory as the existing benefits of Buzzeff’s services, Teads MENA will now offer a wide range of additional benefits to MENA advertisers such as data services, outcome-based optimization and full funnel solutions. MENA publishers will also benefit from Teads Media Platform and global client base to grow their advertising revenues.

In an ever-competitive market, we have always strived to be the best provider of advertising services in this region, and we are very proud to now take this effort to the next level. Our acquisition by Teads is a testament of our growth in both geographical reach and competency, and we are excited about the potential implications on the advertising world in the MENA region. Mergers and acquisitions in our industry are not that commonplace in this region, so this is a real milestone for us to celebrate,” commented Jerome Mouthon, previously Founder and Chairman of Buzzeff MEA but now the lead for Teads MENA.

Offering MENA advertisers and marketers the same best-in-class advertising solutions through innovative technology, Teads MENA’s portfolio of services includes outstream video and viewable display solutions optimized for branding and performance, third-party tracking transparency systems and access to 1.4 billion consumers worldwide through its Global Media Platform uniting 2/3 of the world’s largest publishers.

“By acquiring Buzzeff, the region’s leading online advertising solutions provider, we’ve added a new dimension to our offering. Not only have we strengthened our presence in MENA, an important region for us, but our direct footprint means that we can capture more growth opportunities and get closer to strategic clients. The advertising industry in MENA is dynamic and exciting, and we look forward to being an even bigger part of it in the coming years,” said Pierre Chappaz, Executive Chairman at Teads.


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