Reach your target audience

Leverage our data, your data or third party data accessible with Teads DMP through Oracle and Nielsen.

Teads Audience Suite

Marketing success depends on an advertisers’ ability to target the right user, at the right time, during the entire customer journey. We provide the following tools:

Audience planning

We provide tools that help advertisers create the perfect audience segments for their campaign.

Crafted Audiences

We have assembled the most effective data sources to provide 200 Advanced audience targeting segments.

Audience Insights

Discover key insights about the audience groups that are engaging with your ads. Including user interest graphs that we build by analysing user content consumption across publisher sites.

Advanced Audience Segments

Over 200 crafted audience segments

Cruise intender
SMB owners

We use data signals to build prepackaged audiences that advertisers can readily use.

Custom audiences

We are able to create on-the-fly custom audiences tailored to an advertiser’s needs.

Context Is Key

By analyzing the content on the page and identifying keywords, we enable advertisers to deliver their campaigns within the right context.

Campaign delivery

Real-Time Campaign Optimization

We use machine learning to automatically optimize campaigns for advertiser’s KPIs and budget. Our algorithm factors in audience behavior and context to deliver the right message, to the right person, at the right time.

Optimizing campaign delivery to maximise performance


Our Audience Insights platform enables advertisers to understand how their campaigns are performing.
The platform can be used for:

Tracking targeted users and their distribution

across all segments

Interest graph

of users engaging with your ads

Comparing the audience plan

with the actual delivery

Engagement metrics

for all users

Improve targeting and marketing messaging

for future campaigns