September 5, 2017

Taking a stand for clean advertising at dmexco

dmexco, taking place on September 13th and 14th, is a global business and innovation platform for the digital economy. With its focus on marketing, media, advertising, technology, and the Internet of Things, dmexco is a global platform for efficient knowledge transfer and direct business transactions.

Join the Teads team in Germany and learn about Teads’ newest product innovations and how the company is combating ad fraud, lack of brand safety and viewability in the industry, aiming to create a #CleanAdvertising environment for advertisers.  We will be showcasing our latest and greatest regarding interactive video ads, viewable display formats, brand safety and AI. 

On September 13th at 12:00 in Seminar 8 Christian Griesbach, Teads’ EVP Publisher Management of EMEA, and André Pätzold, CEO of Spiegel Media, will be discussing strategies for securing and determining high-quality online environments. They will delve into brand safety and scrutinize fake news and ad fraud.

To conclude day one, join Teads at its booth for cocktails and networking with the industry’s best. Starting at 18:00 we invite all attendees to stop by to brighten up their night. 

On September 14th at 15:00 in Seminar 1, join Michael Möller, Sales Director for Teads Deutschland GmbH, for a panel discussion on digital video and TV advertising. Jens Pöppelmann, Director of Media Operation at IP Deutschland GmbH, Olivier Rosenthal, Industry Leader and Create Agency at Google, Martin Michel, CEO of Sky Media, and Klaus Peter Scharpl, CEO of Mindshare will explain their views on the current state of convergence and how it will affect the industry overall.

Last year, Teads talked about bringing premium inventory into the programmatic world and whether ad blocking was a brilliant invention or a big fail. To take the conversation to the next level, this year our focus is on the industry as a whole. Ad blocking is a result of forcing bad advertising on our consumers. We must take a stand for clean advertising which consists of a brand-safe, fraud-free, viewable industry.

Over the past year, the advertising industry has seen tremendous challenges around brand safety, ad fraud and viewability. Teads is taking a stand to highlight the importance of creating a #CleanAdvertising environment for the advertising industry and those working within it. Advertising is a powerful channel for brands to connect with consumers, but trust issues abound. For brands and agencies, it’s a lack of transparency and verification. For consumers, it’s uninspiring creative. For publishers, it’s a lack of high-yield video inventory and access to top advertisers. Teads is trying to address these issues by announcing the first full-stack viewable marketplace in the industry. 

Emi Gal, CEO of Teads Studio and Group CMO said: “We are inviting key players in the advertising industry to join us in our quest to create a #CleanAdvertising environment. It is crucial to encourage the industry to take a stand for transparency, integrity, and innovation”. Viewability, ad fraud and brand safety are problems that require technology, innovation and most importantly collaboration.” Here are some key steps that the industry should follow:

1. Focus on user experience
2. Insist on transparency and verification
3. Engage the user through interactivity
4. Create personalized ad experiences using data
5. Extending audience reach across all platforms
6. Avoid pre-roll ads, interstitials, and pop-ups

Join us at dmexco as we take a stand for clean advertising! Click here to check out all our activities and schedule a meeting with a member of the Teads team today.

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