June 19, 2015

Study Says Outstream Advertising is the Solution to Premium Dilemma


After conducting a survey of 529 decision-makers at advertiser, agency and media companies in Argentina, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Spain, UK and the U.S., the Teads team is thrilled to present the results from our commissioned Forrester Consulting study!

Here are a few takeaways from the study’s findings:

–> The industry’s bullish on digital video advertising’s future

Among those surveyed, at least 70% of advertisers are expecting video budgets to increase within the next two years, and 73% of media companies are planning to offer more video inventory to meet demand.

–> Premium’ concerns keep advertisers hesitant to go all in

Alongside uncertainty about overall performance, a lack of definition for and volume of ‘premium’ digital video inventory was reported by those surveyed to hinder willingness to embrace the category whole-heartedly.

–>Outstream advertising perceived as a proper solution for buy- and sell- side firms

According to Forrester Consulting, media companies reported that outstream advertising, which places video ads in the heart of written editorial content, enabled them to offer more premium video inventory and drove steady ROI. With lucrative performance and more premium inventory at bay, outstream advertising, according to the report, will become a more important part of the global media mix for 77% of advertisers and 70% of agencies.

Additionally, advertisers and agencies told Forrester Consulting that because outstream enables them to buy programmatically, they feel more confident that their video campaigns are delivering a viewable and positive end-user experience.

Reflecting on the results…

The results of our commissioned Forrester Consulting study truly show that outstream has emerged as the new video advertising standard. “I believe that the latest study from Forrester Consulting reinforces what we’ve known for some time – that outstream advertising presents a huge opportunity for media companies, advertisers and agencies looking to achieve success in digital video,” our CEO and Co-Founder, Bertrand Quesada, commented. “As the inventors of outstream video advertising, Teads is well positioned to solve the industry’s premium problem by delivering innovative formats that drive greater results from digital video advertising.”

To access additional findings, download the full report, or review the press release.

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