May 1, 2020

Predictive AI & Guaranteed Outcomes

The digital advertising industry has long been faced with a difficult choice: pursuing quality or chasing scale. In the last several years, the advertising industry has been consolidating and while it’s faster and easier to buy from a select few and achieve massive reach, advertisers are doing so at the sake of quality.

Achieving quality at scale is the new KPI. Teads developed the seven layers of The Global Media Platform as an end-to-end platform to solve this challenge on the Open Web. Predictive AI and Guaranteed Outcomes are two elements of the Teads platform that ensure the right message reaches the right consumer with prioritized outcomes determined by each advertiser.

Our Chief Product Officer, Gilles Moncaubeig, hosted a discussion on the topic. Some of the key takeaways:

  1. Teads implements Machine Learning- an off-shoot of Prediction AI- to deliver creative to the audiences that are most likely to engage
  2. Two essential elements for success of Machine Learning are skilled data scientists who create data prediction models and a large volume of data to access
  3. Teads Audiences are powered by AI using features such as campaign creative, URL website placement, context (time of day, browser, device), user engagement and browsing history
  4. For every article on our publisher sites, semantic technology is used to extract key topics and create interest graphs showing what topics users are most likely to be interested in based on browsing behavior
  5. Teads Ad Manager is more accurate than DSPs because it is part of an end-to-end platform which allows us to control creative, data, targeting and innovation

Watch the webinar:

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