The Perfect Ad at 4A’s Transformation 2017


Visionaries, business leaders, media mavens, gatecrashers, data geeks, tech stars and marketing mavericks are attending Transformation 2017 from April 2 – 5 to discuss storytelling, AI, VR, the news business, agency models, transparency, talent, winning strategies and more.

Teads’ focus at Transformation – AI.

AI is taking over. It’s all around us – in self-driving cars, in our social media newsfeeds, in cancer diagnosis and voice interfaces like Siri or Alexa. It’s also starting to heavily impact the advertising industry – companies now use machine learning to decide which impressions to buy, which consumers to target and, increasingly more, what version of a creative to show to every single individual. We’re ready for a future in which data enhanced creativity helps algorithms deliver the perfectly useful, self-assembled, targeted and conversational message to each consumer in real-time.

At 12:20 PM, join Emi Gal, Teads Studio CEO and a software engineer, for a lunch & learn as he talks about the impact AI is going to have on the advertising ecosystem over the next 5 years and what advertisers and agencies should do to prepare for this future.

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