April 2, 2015

Online video sees largest digital growth

ZenithOptimedia have recently released data suggesting that online video is now growing faster than any other digital channel, leading to a 4.4% uplift in global ad spend in 2015. This is as a consequence of advertisers taking budget from television, and broadcasters selling packages that include both online and traditional TV spots.

As a video advertising technology company, obviously this news is very exciting! Although video uptake predictions have been growing year on year, this report is another great insight into the growth of digital. This is also replicated in the growth of mobile devices (up 196% in H1 2014) and better internet connections. Our own research also supports this, with our investigation into Gen Y showing that 1 in 3 Millennials consume video content every day on their smartphone, indicating a huge appetite for video content.


Digital has often (perhaps unfairly) been pitted against TV when considering video advertising, however this report suggests that TV has peaked, seeing a slight fall from 39.4% in 2014, to 37.3% in 2017.

Furthermore, online publishers have also seen a 20% boost in revenue from online video. As a company with over 500 premium publisher partners, it’s amazing to see such growth which is due in part to formats such as inRead.

With the increase in video usage, we also believe it’s important to stick to principles that will ensure video advertising remains respected. That is, providing 100% viewability, combating fraud and creating innovative formats which allow video to be placed outstream. In addition, the video advertising industry is swiftly moving towards programmatic, allowing real-time automatic buying and selling that gives brands greater campaign efficiency. These developments reflect video technology’s role at the forefront of innovation.

Later this month the IAB in conjunction with PwC, will be releasing the results of their ad spend survey. Digital advertising revenue figures are submitted by media owners, allowing an assessment of the online advertising market in the UK. We expect that these results (which cover H1 2014) will reflect ZenithOptimedia’s predictions. We’ll share them with you as soon as they’re released – keep an eye out!

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