The Global Media Platform

We have united and empowered the best publishers in the world and distribute ads to over 1.2Bn people every month within professionally-produced content.

A single access pointto the world's best publishers

Mass reach has largely become synonymous with user-generated content in the digital world. In order to provide the same level of reach as the UGC platforms, Teads unites and empowers the best publishers reaching a total of


people each month

and more

Creative That Cuts Through The Noise But Respects the User

Mobile phones have the power to decode the human genome, yet mobile ads often seem like they are stuck in the 90s.

The answer isn’t 2-second ads. Nor is it microscopic display banners.

Rather than seeing mobile devices as a limited creative canvas, we should embrace the swipes, the scrolls, and the taps to create meaningful ad experiences that cut through the noise but respect the user.

Brands create inspiring stories. Through high quality placements and ad formats, Teads delivers the attention they deserve.

inRead Canvas

inRead Swing

inRead Scroller


inRead Carousel

On Teads, users spend an average of



Are your ads making the right impression?

Billions of ad impressions are wasted every day by showing the wrong ad to the wrong person at the wrong time.

Teads’ innovative full funnel solutions make marketing more precise and more efficient. By combining better targeting with attention-grabbing creative and powerful AI, Teads enables brands to deliver the optimal advertising experience personalized to the user. By sequentially messaging consumers via video, viewable display and performance, we move the user through the purchasing funnel.

Our full-funnel solutions are built to achieve brand marketing objectives.

Deliver mass reach & awareness

Improve brand/product consideration

Completed video views

Drive qualified website traffic

Acquire leads and conversions

Guaranteed Outcomes & Results, Powered By AI

Marketers are looking for accountability and concrete results from their digital media providers. As a currency in the digital media economy, the CPM falls short of measuring attention, quality and the impact of the ad. Brands should demand more.

"This new level of transparency is shining the light on what’s next—marketers taking back control of our own destiny to accelerate mass disruption—transforming our industry from the wasteful mass marketing we’ve been mired in for nearly a century to mass one-to-one brand building fueled by data and digital technology"

- Marc Pritchard, Chief Brand Officer, P&G

Every second, we process +1 million bid requests and make microsecond predictions to maximize campaign performance. This level of data enables us to deliver guaranteed outcomes like viewability, engagement, site traffic.

Teads. The Global Media Platform

The Global Media Platform is the result of Teads’ commitment to delivering better advertising outcomes for brands, better monetization solutions for publishers, and better experiences for consumers.

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