March 11, 2016

Learnings From: Rebecca Mahony, CMO

For the last in the series (for now!) we talk to Rebecca Mahony, our CMO. Coming from an agency background, Rebecca is a native Londoner now based in New York. Read her tips for budding marketers and how to stay ahead of the game.

Name: Rebecca Mahony

Job Title: Chief Marketing Officer

Date joining Teads: January 2012

Location: New York


Can you tell us about your role at Teads?smallTeads-8A

As the Chief Marketing Officer, I oversee all global marketing and communication efforts for the Teads brand. Although my team are based all around the world, it’s my goal to ensure that all of our markets are aligned with the same strategy, messaging and positioning. Whether we are promoting a new product, providing the industry with though provoking content and insight, running our education programme, Teads Academy or hosting a high level conference, the Teads brand should feel seamless, premium and showcase us as the industry leaders.

I’m based in New York having moved here two years ago from the London Teads office. Prior to Teads I worked agency side, managing the digital strategies for the likes of NetJets, McDonalds and SONY.



How did you get into the video advertising industry?

I worked agency side at Omnicom for several years prior to joining Teads. Inspired by the monumental growth of the online video industry and actually being a client of Teads, I was keen to join this ambitious, yet small at the time, company which seemed to be on a very exciting trajectory! So in January 2012, I joined the Teads team as VP Global Marketing before becoming CMO in September 2013.

Back in those days, we had fewer than 50 people in the company, so to be part of a global company based in 18 different markets with 27 offices and almost 500 staff members is mind blowing.



What do you enjoy most about working at Teads? 

One of the very special things about Teads is the amount of incredibly smart and innovative people who have amazing vision and drive.

Our team are constantly advancing and pushing the boundaries with new products and solutions that solve the biggest issues in the market place. I’m also very proud of the initiatives that we have launched to help counter ad-blockers by encouraging sustainable advertising through engaging formats  – which is something that was missing in the market.

So despite the ad tech environment being a cluttered space with lots of companies offering a range of different (and similar!) products and services, we have been laser focused on our unique offering and have seen some of the fastest growth in our industry. Out recent financial results are testament to that.



What has been the biggest change in video advertising for you?

Coming from an agency and client side background the biggest transformation I’ve seen is through the distribution and trading of advertising with the rise of programmatic. In my agency time, we were faced with limited solutions for our video advertising – now there are so many more ways in which advertisers can get their message in front of the right audience at the right time in the right context.

Distribution strategies are now built with the consumer in mind, a welcome change from the early days of video! Although supply is still an industry wide issue, companies such as our own, have created new ways to distribute video content in premium environments whilst respecting the user experience. This is has dramatically changed the landscape to provide further options for creativity and innovation.

The next stage we are now moving into and championing is building an engaging and sustainable advertising ecosystem, which is why it’s such an exciting time to be part of Teads.


You moved to New York from London in 2014 – can you tell us some of the differences in the markets that you noticed when you first moved?

As a Londoner moving to New York, the first thing I noticed were the lack of pubs! But on a serious note, despite speaking the same language, there are many local nuances that make the US a very unique and exciting place to work and live.

The US is the world’s largest advertising market, so the scale of operations here is huge. And with the US being home to many of the biggest global brands globally you see this is reflected in budgets and strategy. It’s also a market where trends often start, so buying method adoption, programmatic implementation and the innovation and understanding of an ever growing and changing ecosystem is it’s a great place to be.

But as with the US, EMEA, LatAm and now Asia are seeing such growth and opportunity which plays for a really exciting future.


Can you tell us about a skill you’d like to learn and why?

That’s a good question, and one I think is complex for many in our industry. The landscape we are currently in is moving at such a speed, with innovation, creativity and technology often changing direction, I think they biggest skill needed in this industry, is the ability to keep apace of what’s going on.

One thing we aim for here at Teads is the ability to be one step ahead of the game, to enable both our publishers and advertisers alike to succeed in this ever changing environment. And we do that by constantly innovating and creating, we are after all the inventors of outstream video advertising!

Personally, I’d like to be a big part of this evolution, to help not only bring my global marketing team to the next level, but to continue to learn and be part of this exciting ecosystem of online advertising.


What do you think will be the next big trend in video advertising?

I see a fantastic opportunity for a further convergence between TV and digital video campaigns. With the advancements of programmatic technology and sophisticated targeting this will mean that advertisers can target their users with different messages throughout the day and dependent on devices.

This can only mean a better experience for consumers – which in the light of the ad blocker rise, is a win win situation to be. We have the tools. We now just need to utilize them within a smart business strategy.



What advice would you give for those wanting to go into marketing and to become a CMO? 

 With so much going on everywhere it’s important to stay on top of things.

  • Understand the local markets. Each country has their own quirks. Activations that work in one market may not work in the other and you must be flexible.
  • Keep on top of industry news – to be at the forefront of innovation you need to be one step ahead and this is certainly one way of ensuring this.
  • Be eager to learn. One amazing part of this industry is the fact that you never stop learning. It’s challenging but hugely rewarding at the same time.
  • Never stop laughing and enjoying what you do.


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