March 8, 2016

Learnings From: Patricia Cañada, Sales Managing Director, Spain

Happy International Women’s Day! Later today we’ll be posting about all our fantastic women at Teads but first we are talking to Patricia Cañada. Starting her career advertiser side,  Patricia came to Teads in 2011, moving from Sales Manager to Managing Director. Find out about the nuances of the Spanish market and her tips for those wanting to go into senior management.

Name: Patricia Cañada      

Title: Sales Managing Director Spain

Date joining Teads: June 2011

Location: Madrid


Can you tell us about your role at Teads? IMG_1055

My role at Teads has changed with the growth of the company but always has been directly related to sales. In four years I have gone from a Sales Manager to become Spain’s Managing Director. Now I manage the different departments from the Madrid office so they’re aligned with the business strategy and so we can continue to see growth.


How did you get into the video advertising industry?

I started my career in L’Oreal on the advertiser side, where I started to understand how video resulted in the best engagement with the audience. After L’Oreal I managed advertising strategy for fashion websites at an editorial company. While here I realised that video demand was growing day by day which saw my move to Ebuzzing/Teads. I was attracted to them because of their video strategy. The business has continued to evolve since I joined in 2011 and now we are the Spanish video ad leaders, which is amazing.


What do you enjoy most about working at Teads?

As I said before I have been always on the front line with agencies and advertisers. I love the challenge and satisfaction that comes with making clients trust in better forms of advertising to ultimately create the best possible user experience.


What has been the biggest change in video advertising for you?

Moving from a brand content video seeding strategy to promoting placement in a premium environment.


Can you tell us some of the nuances in the Spanish market (and why you think it is the best!)

Firstly, Spanish prices are much lower than other countries. This is because TV buying is also cheap and so has been reflected in the shift to digital. Another nuance is that video budgets are really fragmented, with brands using lots of different suppliers instead of focusing on just a few like we’ve seen in different markets.


What advice would you give for those wanting to become a Managing Director?

To be patient, careful and obviously to love numbers! We are always forecasting with scenarios, plans, budgets (I could go on!)


Can you tell us about a skill you’d like to learn and why?

My obsession is languages. At the moment I speak Spanish, English, French, Italian and Basque and my next challenge with be to learn Chinese. I studied German for four years before I quit. For me, the ability to be understood and to understand others is key.


What do you think will be the next big trend in video advertising?

I think that everyday we see another big trend in the video advertising industry. Video seeding, pre-roll, mobile, programmatic, vertical videos… the hardest part is to go ahead and just do it! That’s why I love this company, because for every dream that we have, the whole company works together to make it happen.


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