March 10, 2016

Learnings From: Ivanna Casado, VP Sales LatAm

Based in our Miami offices, Ivanna heads up sales across the breadth of Latin America. LatAm has seen phenomenal growth, now the fastest growing ad market globally, with growth for video advertising expected at an annual rate of 42.35% – so who better to talk to than employee no2 to join the LatAm team!


Name: Ivanna Casado

Job Title: VP Sales LatAM 

Date joining Teads: September 2013

Location: Miami, Florida



Can you tell us about your role at Teads?

I am responsible for the commercial operations of all the offices across Latin America. I was the second employee hired to help launch our first office in Miami. After our fantastic success in LatAm I helped by sharing best practices to continue expanding our sales operations across the region. Now, we have four offices (Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Miami) and we are establishing Teads as the native online video platform of preference for brands.


How did you get into the video advertising industry?

I was working in TV advertising for a big media company and I felt the shift in the audience moving from TV screen to desktop. I decided that it was time to make the transition and I enrolled in the University of San Francisco to do some preliminary studies. Then I was hired by Sony to launch Crackle in LatAm.


What do you enjoy most about working at Teads?

 I feel that there is always a lot to contribute. Teads offers an exciting and dynamic working environment in which I am always learning. We are always creating something new, adapting to changes – we are outside traditional standards. To me learning is essential and I find that I learn at Teads every day.


What has been the biggest change in video advertising for you?

I think the biggest change is that the programmatic trend is growing fast. In Latin America buyers are still very focused on traditional advertising. The shift to programmatic will happen but not at the same speed as in the USA and Europe.

The biggest change for me is that the language to present our product has changed. Now we are transitioning to a more technical conversations which can cause some clients to be wary. We feel that through education (like Teads Academy) this will make them feel more comfortable with the latest trends and changes in the industry.


Can you tell us some of the nuances in the LatAm market? (and why you think it is the best!)

First of all, team spirit! We like to work in an environment where we can all contribute towards growth – so you’ll see clusters of people from all departments working together.

Our Latin Food, Especially ‘The Arepas’ is something unique to our office. Additionally the Karaoke or Play Station Dance Video Games Thursday or Fridays after work.


What advice would you give for those wanting to start a career in Sales?

Be consistent and have a plan.

Be energetic, enthusiastic and positive.

Learn to tolerate rejection and develop skills to get people to see your vision.


Can you tell us about a skill you’d like to learn and why?

Meditation, I don’t know if you can call it a ‘skill’ but it is definitely something I need to get better at. There is tons of research that proves its benefits but I believe we need to calibrate and pause to sometimes to see a different perspective on things.


What do you think will be the next big trend in video advertising?

Interactive video. Brands will eventually find the way to interact with consumers in a more natural and interactive form. That is the beauty of the digital world and I think that video content and platforms will be built to generate this space for real time interaction with their consumers.


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Interested in joining the team? We’re hiring!

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