October 11, 2018

Introducing the Global Media Platform: A New Chapter For Teads

By: Bertrand Quesada, CEO, Teads

At Teads, we are a company of entrepreneurs and disruptors. We have been moving the video advertising space forward through innovation for the last six years. Driven by a vision to build the definitive platform that unites the world’s best publishers, we have been expanding our focus beyond outstream video to a full funnel ad platform featuring video, Viewable Display, and performance. Teads’ new tagline as The Global Media Platform reflects our unique position in the advertising ecosystem as a single access point to global publishers, with teams in 26 countries delivering scale built on partnerships with top local media organizations. Teads is dedicated to making ad experiences better for brands, publishers, and consumers. This vision is centered on 4 key pillars that help solve major challenges in the industry:

  1. A single access point to the world’s best publishers

Mass reach has largely become synonymous with user-generated content in the digital world.  With the deluge of daily news surrounding UGC there are some inherent issues in investing solely in social platforms. Publishers have the potential to offer advertisers an alternative to Google and Facebook. However, having quality content and a well-known name is not enough. Because it is much easier to buy from fewer, larger companies, rather than to work with thousands of publishers, the barriers may be high for many brands.

Teads unites and empowers the world’s top publishers, most of them on an exclusive basis, reaching 1.2 billion people monthly. This allows brands to reach an audience comparable to that of Facebook (85% deduplicated reach in the US).  Our publishing partners include BBC, The Atlantic, Buzzfeed, The Economist, Vice, Apple News, The Washington Post.

  1. Creative that cuts through the noise but respects the user

Capturing attention in a mobile-driven world can be a challenge. P&G cut ad spending on major platforms after noting that Facebook ads were only played for an average of 1.7 seconds. We don’t believe 2-second ads are the answer, rather it compels us to think about how users interact on mobile, and tailor ads accordingly. We believe in empowering brands to tell their story via more thoughtful and engaging mobile experiences. Leveraging our Teads Studio, we build technology that embraces the swipes, the taps, the scrolls, and the selfies to deliver mobile ads that personally connect with consumers.

  1. Full-funnel ad solutions tailored to business objectives

Billions of ad impressions are wasted every day by showing the wrong ad to the wrong person at the wrong time. Teads’ innovative full funnel solutions make marketing more precise and more efficient. By combining better targeting with attention-grabbing creative, Teads enables brands to deliver the optimal advertising experience personalized for the user. Our platform allows advertisers to connect at every step of the consumer journey and intelligently integrate video, rich media, display, and performance to generate engagement and ROI.

  1. Guaranteed outcomes & results, powered by AI & data

As a currency in the digital media economy, the CPM falls short of measuring attention, quality, and the impact of advertising. Brands should demand more.  Every second, Teads processes 1 million bid requests and make microsecond predictions to maximize campaign performance. This level of data enables us to deliver guaranteed outcomes like viewability, engagement, and site traffic.

The Global Media Platform is the result of Teads’ commitment to delivering better advertising outcomes for brands, better monetization solutions for publishers, and better experiences for consumers. To find out more about The Global Media Platform, read here.

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