By: Meg Runeari, SVP of Operations at Teads and Key Contributor to MIX

We launched the Media Inclusion Experience (MIX) in early 2019, after several months of behind the scenes work, with a goal of fostering creativity and driving innovation in media through the power of diverse thought.  Since employees started to come to the table to share their ideas and passion points and more importantly, listen to one another, initiatives across our business have taken many forms. We’ve hosted successful events for the New York City market with our industry family to spread awareness and education, celebrated some of our most inspirational partners on International Women’s Day and modified internal policies to better suit the needs of our employees. Today, we took the next step in furthering our mission to drive social progress by introducing Teads inVolve.

Teads inVolve is a service that brings the same scale and premium inventory to socially progressive 501c3 companies that Teads offers to its for-profit partners.  This offering will include managed client services, media placements across comScore top 300 publishers, and creative consultation and design through Teads Studio at cost.  

The benefits to 501c3 organizations when participating in Teads inVolve are two-fold. The first is that Teads offers direct access to the world’s most premium publishers, including leading news outlets, whose content often ties directly to the messaging that nonprofits are pushing to their audiences.  Additionally, as users turn to their mobile devices for daily news consumption, it is crucial that all advertisers adapt creatives to optimize experiences for a smaller screen. Teads inVolve offers Teads Studio strategy and design services to optimize campaign assets in order to raise awareness and help in fundraising efforts.

To kick off the service, we partnered with M+R, a communications agency that only work with nonprofits and foundations, is the first to partner on the initiative. Liz Ertner, Senior Vice President, M+R, shared: “In our 2019 benchmarks report, we found that even though more people were visiting nonprofit websites on mobile devices, 63 percent of all website donations were made by desktop users. There’s a great need and opportunity for nonprofits to optimize every step of their fundraising campaigns for mobile. We are always on the lookout for tools that can help our nonprofit partners be more successful for their causes, so we’re beginning to experiment with the Teads platform for some of our nonprofit clients.”

After nearly nine months of work, the launch of Teads inVolve marks an incredibly important milestone for both Teads and MIX. Bringing ideas like this to life validates the need for employee-led committees in any organization, where thoughts can be shared and developed into movements.  We are eager to get started on this project and are excited to hear from all of you about socially progressive non-profits that would benefit from this service.


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