In 2011, Teads disrupted the digital video landscape with a simple and practical approach. We listened. We listened to users and created an ad experience that aligned with their natural consumption behaviors. We listened to publishers and opened a new stream of video inventory by placing ads in the heart of editorial content. We listened to advertisers and created a highly viewable and engaging ad experience to ensure their messages were targeting users at the right time, in the right context, with the right creative. We have built our business by listening to our users, our publishers and our advertisers, and today, we are listening to our employees and industry family by introducing the Media Inclusion Experience (MIX), with a primary focus on fostering creativity and driving innovation in media through the power of diverse thought.

Over the past year, we’ve worked tirelessly to peel back the complex layers surrounding diversity and inclusion in the workplace and to create a space that allows our employees to tell their stories to each other and through their work.  These collective, strong voices are talking about it, writing about it and most recently and most importantly, doing something about it.

Through a collection of volunteer committees, including fundamentals and policies, events and sponsorships, community outreach and internal programming, employees are no longer simply recognizing and appreciating differences, but embracing them.  Simply put, we are building our business and culture as one voice.

With MIX, we will work to bridge the diversity and age gap in our industry, by focusing on key objectives, proven through various research to be directly tied to increase focus on diversity and inclusion in the workplace:

  • Increasing understanding of our customer’s needs.
  • Increasing individual and team performance.
  • Talent acquisition and retention.
  • Greater innovation and creativity to drive business results.

Our experiences are what make us unique and through MIX, we will highlight the stories in our industry that are authentic and raw. To get the conversion started, we hosted “Your Morning MIX,” a breakfast series on January 16th at The Benjamin Hotel.  As we grow, we promise to listen to you, our MIX family, to understand your wants and needs in programming so we can offer an empowering and consistent outlet surrounding this important conversation.

We are humbled by the opportunity to listen to your stories as we shape our own.  

The MIX Family


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